Robin Thicke Taps Surprise Female MC For Twerk-Free EMA Performance

There was no Miley Cyrus, but there was a foam finger somewhere in Ziggo Dome as Robin Thicke rocked 2013 MTV EMAs.

There was no pinstripe suit and no tweaking from Miley Cyrus, but Robin Thicke made sure to bring the most important thing to Amsterdam's Ziggo Dome for the 2013 MTV EMAs Sunday night (November 10): his world-famous falsetto.

After a wild intro from Redfoo, who inexplicably stripped down to his bikini briefs, Thicke, who was up for four awards at the show, took the stage as the groovy bass beat to his #1 hit "Blurred Lines" shook the stadium. Surrounded by eight nearly nude female dancers painted in silver, Thicke belted out his inescapable 2013 tune out of a gold-colored microphone.

By the time the second verse rolled around, Thicke gave the crowd a surprise when he made way for Australia-born rapper Iggy Azalea.

"You the hottest bitch in this place," he shouted before Iggy appeared on cue, wearing metallic knee-high boots and a matching top and short skirt to keep the set's visual theme.

Azalea strutted across the stage, at times getting very close to Thicke, but there was absolutely no twerking. "If it looks this good then it can't be bad," she rhymed in a flirtatious tone.

At the end of Azalea's verse, Thicke, glistening with sweat, switched the pace and sat at the piano, stroking the keys to "Feel Good," another stand-out from his Blurred Lines LP. "If I told you that I love you would you run away, or would you run to me?" he sang softly as 12 new dancers lay around him on the circular stage.

As the song's thumping dance beat picked up, gold confetti rained from the rafters and Thicke jumped on the piano, tapping his feet singing soulful adlibs as his looping backing track sang: "Does it feel good, does it feel good?"

Judging by the audience's screams (and the single foam finger that waved in the air), the answer was a resounding "Yes."