Katy Perry Reveals Details Of Her 'Unconditionally' Video: Buckle Up!

'There's one part where I get hit by a car,' Perry tells MTV News at the 2013 EMA.

AMSTERDAM — Out-of-this-world evenings aren't all that uncommon for Katy Perry these days (remember her powerful, pugilistic performance at the 2013 VMAs?) So when it came time to plot her performance of "Unconditionally" for the 2013 MTV EMA, she decided to really shoot for the stars.

"It's a challenging performance; it's unlike any of the performances I've done before," Perry told MTV News on the EMA red carpet. "It looks like I'm being abducted, basically ... and also there's a bit of a magic trick in it — I'm not getting sawed in half, I'll do that later — I'll be floating in space."

But if Katy was sweating those mid-air acrobatics, she wasn't about to let us know about it. Instead, she's viewing her EMA performance as yet another opportunity to push herself further, and leave her candy-colored "California Gurls" persona in the past.

Those were her goals throughout the recording of her chart-topping Prism album, and, as fans will learn soon enough, they continue with the video for her next single, "Unconditionally," as she exclusively revealed to MTV News.

"This video is different that the other ones, because the other ones have very strong narratives or storylines, and I wanted to go a different route, one that was based on beauty and glamour and gorgeous shots," she said. "[There's] a little less of a storyline, but there is one part in the music video where I get hit by a car, because it's a metaphor to talk about when love finds you, it's kind of being like hit by a car."