'Thor: The Dark World': Burning Questions Answered

Cast and crew tie up all the loose ends from the movie.

Though "Thor: The Dark World" did a nice job of tying up most of its loose ends, there's still a few burning questions we have left after seeing the movie. Oh, and in case it wasn't clear, major spoilers below:

Q: Where's Odin?

At the end of the movie, Loki is sitting on the throne of Asgard pretending to be his father Odin, with the All-Father himself nowhere to be seen. So where the heck is Odin?

A: He's Dead - When MTV News' Josh Horowitz caught up with Anthony Hopkins (who plays Odin in the movie) on the "Thor" red carpet, he seemed to think the big guy might be dead. "I've done two, that's enough," Hopkins said. Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige seemed a little more uncertain on his demise, though: "We have very good ideas whether the All-Father is with us or not."

Q: What's Next For Loki?

Okay, back to Loki. The trickster god is a fan favorite, and actor Tom Hiddleston is clearly important to Marvel Studios. Still, Feige has said on multiple occasions that there are no immediate plans for the character: "We know where we'd like to go, if given the opportunity."

A: "Thor 3" - "What it really does is raise a bunch of questions I hope are answered in 'Thor 3' at some point," director Alan Taylor mentioned on the ambiguous ending. Beyond that, our working theory is that Loki is in prime position to tussle with Marvel big bad Thanos at some point in the future, given he's now in possession of one of the Infinity Stones (more on that later); relics the Mad Titan desperately wants to get his hands on.

Q: Is Malekith Dead?

When we last see the villain he's trapped on the remnants of his homeworld, a gigantic spaceship crashing down directly on his face. But as Malekith shows throughout the movie, it's pretty difficult to harm him; unless you're talking about hastily assembled metal sticks thrown by a god.

A: Yes. Until He's Not - Though Malekith is a recurring villain in the comics, Chris Eccleston's character isn't quite as beloved by audiences and critics. If the plot calls for it, we wouldn't be surprised to see Malekith back, somehow having survived dismemberment and being smashed to smithereens. If not, then he's dead forever.

Q: Can Jane/Thor Make It Work? And What's Their Couple Name, Anyway?

Throughout the movie various characters explain that there's no way Jane Foster and Thor can make their romance work. They're from different worlds, and also he'll live forever and watch her wither and grow old. Call it the "Twilight" conundrum. At the end, they decide to say, "Screw it!" and end up smooching on a roof in London. So will it work? Also, in even more important questions: what's their couple name?

A: Yes, and Thane - Between "Jhor" and "Thane," we're going to pick Thane. But beyond that, the romance between Thor and Jane has been an essential part of the Thor series. It even got a cursory mention in "The Avengers." So until one of the actors exits the production, we'd expect the duo to continue into "Thor 3." In fact, maybe we'll even get to see one of the so-far ignored facets of the comic book Thor mythos: Thor taking the guise of a mortal named Dr. Donald Blake.

Q: Where Will That Demon Dog End Up?

After Thor and Jane kiss, we pan out to a giant, alien, demonic dog left over from the convergence of realms that's just running and playing in London. It's a cute, funny way of ending the movie... But there's also a demon dog on the loose that likes to eat people.

A: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - This is far from a definite answer, but ABC's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." will be picking up on "something left over" from "Thor: The Dark World" during their November 19th episode. It certainly could be bits of Dark Elf technology, as the show recently did something similar with a Chitauri helmet from "The Avengers." But we're holding out hope that Muttlekith (that's what we're calling him) tussles with Agent Coulson.

Q: When -- And Where -- Will We See The Other Infinity Stones?

This is the big one. In a mid-credits sequence, it's revealed that The Aether is actually one of the Infinity Stones, ancient relics of unspeakable power. Not only that, but The Tesseract, the cosmic cube from "The Avengers" and "Captain America" is also an Infinity Stone. Ominously, the Collector takes the Aether and then intones, "One down, five to go." So where will the Infinity Stones show up next?

A: Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers 3, and Dr. Strange - That at least one of the Infinity Stones will show up in "Guardians of the Galaxy" is almost a given. Though we don't know a lot about the plot of the movie, we do know the Guardians are rogues who come into possession of something of great power, and end up on the run from the rest of the galaxy. We also know the prime villains of the piece are Karen Gillan's Nebula, and Lee Pace's Ronan The Accuser, two lieutenants of Thanos. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together, we can pretty safely say that the item of power is probably a third Infinity Stone.

We're also guessing that if The Tesseract is the blue Mind Stone from the comics (remember Loki using it to control men's minds in "The Avengers"?), and The Aether is the Red Power Stone, then the Guardians will end up with the yellow Reality Stone. Not only is that gem traditionally held by The Collector in the books, but it might go a long way to explain why some of the alternate reality versions of the Guardians from the comics are showing up in the movie.

Yes, we are through the rabbit hole on this one.

From there, it's a short jump to "Avengers 3," which is all but guaranteed to be a showdown with Marvel Universe uber-bad Thanos. If he assembles all of the Stones, he'll gain complete control over reality, something that might just take every Marvel Phase 1-3 hero to stop.

But before that, there's a bunch more Stones, right? If we were to guess, we'd say there's a good chance you'd see the Green Soul Stone show up in the much rumored Phase 3 "Dr. Strange" movie. With several iterations of the Stones established, this would be a great way for Marvel to ease audiences into the magical side of the Universe. That leaves the Orange Time Stone, and the Purple Space Stone un-accounted for. Maybe "Thor 3" and "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" respectively? Regardless of how it plays out, this one scene has paved a way for nearly a decade of Marvel movies.

"Thor: The Dark World" is currently in theaters everywhere.