Eminem's Childhood Detroit Home Goes Up In Flames

Two-story bungalow featured on cover of The Marshall Mathers LP 2 was damaged by a fire Thursday night.

Just two days after the world at large got a glimpse of Eminem hanging out on the steps of his dilapidated childhood home in Detroit in the booklet to his just-released The Marshall Mathers LP 2
, the modest two-story bungalow went up in flames.

According to the Detroit News, a fire sparked by as-yet-undetermined causes damaged the home on Detroit's east side Thursday evening. When members of the Detroit Fire Department's Engine 60 arrived at the vacant house at 19946 Dresden at 6:30 p.m. they were not aware that it was Mathers' former home.

Crews were met by flames shooting out of the second floor and were able to put out the blaze, which damaged the home's upper portion. As of Thursday, the Michigan Land Bank website had listed the home for sale with a reported worth of just under $33,000.

The 747-square foot brick building, now owned by the Michigan Land Bank, was listed as the address of Eminem's mother, Deborah Mathers, from 1989 until 2003. After changing hands close to 10 times since 2003, it failed to sell at a recent auction and was taken over by the bank.

A Slim Shady superfan, Shelly Hazlett of Clarksville, Tennessee, put in a $100 bid on the home as well as a $500 deposit on Monday with the intention of turning the house into an Eminem museum. Despite the water and fire damage, Hazlett, 28, said she is still determined to go forward with her plans.

"I'm really upset about it," Hazlett told MLive.com. "My question: 'Can I still get it?' If it's not completely gone, can I still get it? That's this first thing I went through my mind when I heard the news." Hazlett could hear whether her bid has been accepted within five business days. "If they would still let me have it, I would have it in a heartbeat - as long its still sort of standing ... The first thing I do every morning is check on the house and see if there's any news about it."