‘The Voice’ Recap: Season Five’s Top 12 Revealed

Front-runners Matthew Schuler and Caroline Pennell secure coveted spots, but Nic Hawk and Preston Pohl just miss the cut.

“The Voice” moved one step closer to finding its season-five champion last night. Coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green watched their five-person teams get slashed to three as the top 12 were revealed.

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Team Blake
Though the contestants are competitors, each team took a unified stance, performing a group song together. Team Blake kicked off the show with a lively rendition of “Free Ride,” but the mood quickly turned somber when the results began to be announced. Fans voted to save Austin Jenckes and Cole Vosbury, leaving coach Shelton with the tough decision to save one artist. He felt the person he could “effect change with the most” was Ray Boudreaux, automatically eliminating Nic Hawk and Shelbie Z.

Final Team
Cole Vosbury
Austin Jenckes
Ray Boudreaux

Team Cee Lo
The eclectic group took it back with “Give a Little Bit,” showing off an interesting range of voices. The fan vote went to front-runner Caroline Pennell and former vet/rocker Jonny Gray. The decision left coach Green at “a loss” for words but he decided to save Kat Robichaud. That meant the end of the competition for Amber Nicole and Tamara Chauniece.

Final Team
Kat Robichaud
Caroline Pennell
Jonny Gray

Team Christina
The most pop group of the bunch didn’t hold back with “Love Somebody,” standing in a single line formation, almost boy band-like. But they wouldn’t all land a spot in the group: The first saves were for the youngest singer in the competition, 16-year-old Jacquie Lee, and crooner Matthew Schuler. Xtina then picked her sole save, following where her “heart is invested.” As a result, Josh Logan moved on, leaving Stephanie Anne Johnson and Olivia Henken on the outs.

Final Team
Josh Logan
Matthew Schuler
Jacquie Lee

Team Adam
Levine’s team may have sung “Safe and Sound,” but that was hardly their reality. While they uplifted the audience, only James Wolpert and Tessanne Chin had the feelings reciprocated when they were saved by the fan vote. The Maroon 5 frontman visibly struggled to make the “terrible” decision to save one artist, going with the person he felt had the most “potential,” Will Champlin. Unfortunately, that meant it was the end of the road for soul singer Preston Pohl and the powerful Grey.

Final Team
Will Champlin
James Wolpert
Tessanne Chin

“The Voice” will return on Monday with live performances from the top 12.