'Lady Gaga, Will My Pets Enjoy ARTPOP?' Plus 17 More Questions For Her Town Hall

Mother Monster is appearing Friday on SiriusXM's 'Town Hall' series, so here's our burning questions.

Mother (Monster) may I — ask you a question? On Friday, fans will have the chance to pick Lady Gaga's squirming brain during SiriusXM's "Town Hall" series. In prep for the big day, the MTV News staff has prepared a list of burning, burning questions we'd like to see Gaga answer.

Gaga's album ARTPOP drops on November 11, but fans can get their fix tomorrow at 9 p.m. ET when the singer takes queries. The whole thing will be streamed via Siriux XM Hits 1, the SiriuxXM Internet Radio mobile app, and the SiriusXM website. Eminem recently participated in the Town Hall event with MTV News' own Sway Calloway.

Apparently, a "select group of listeners" will be in attendance to do the asking. If any of said listeners happen to be reading this now — stumped as to what to ask — allow us to make a few suggestions:

»"When you finish a song, are you relieved or sad? Why?"

»"You're planning on singing in space in 2015. Will you be singing in the space we know, or your own iteration?"

»"One of your songs is titled 'Sexxx Deams,' do you have a most memorable one?"

»"Do you consider yourself #seapunk? You certainly embrace the aesthetic."

»"If every time you wrote a song you lost a tooth, would you keep writing?"

» "If you could inhabit any historical figure for one day, who would you pick and why?"

»"You have two songs with weed-inspired titles, if you could name your own strain, what would you call it?"

»"This album was written over a long period of time, what was the first song on the album you wrote? What was the last?"

»"What do you think of Katy Perry's Prism? What about Eminem's MMLP2?"

»"Thoughts on 'Batman vs. Superman'? Who's going to win?"

»"What's the deal with the 'stache? Why not a goatee? Or a soul patch?"

»"Is art pop, or is pop art?"

»"Are dragons or unicorns more superior?"

»"Name three records from the past five years you consider works of art."

»"Who are you singing about in 'Gypsy'?"

»"Where do you store that giant angry birds/furry headpiece?"

»"Who is Mary Jane Holland and can we hang out with her?"

»"Will my pets enjoy ARTPOP?"

»"Can I borrow those dentures for a minute?"

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