'Hunger Games: Catching Fire': The 8 Jams We've Heard So Far

MTV News wraps up what we've heard from film's soundtrack.

"Hunger Games: Catching Fire" blazes into theaters on November 22, and we wager you're already crying preemptive tears of joy, sorrow and every other emotion as you tick down the hours until its arrival. Why not add a soundtrack to your nail-biting? Yup, we've got a goodly portion of the official soundtrack right here.

The "Catching Fire" soundtrack might be slated to drop on November 19, but we're already seen around half of the tracks premiere on the web — tunes by everyone from Coldplay to Christina Aguilera.

Below we've gathered together 8 tracks that have already dropped from the soundtrack for your listening pleasure. The odds certainly are in your favor.

Coldplay, "Atlas"

Coldplay totes the world around on their shoulders in their anthemic "Hunger Games" track, "Atlas." We can see Katniss striding through the arena to this jam.

Christina Aguilera, "We Remain"

When Xtina premiered her track, she sent out a tweet dedicating the hopeful jam to her fans. Despite the overall bleakness of the "Hunger Games" trilogy as a whole, this tune — co-written by Mikky Ekko — definitely embodies Katniss's strength and loyalty to her friends and family.

Sia, The Weeknd, Diplo, "Elastic Heart"

Sia and Diplo and The Weeknd, oh my! These three powerhouses banded together to pen this bombastic (in a good way) electro jam that should be perfect for all those fraught scenes between Peeta and Katniss, Katniss and Gale.

Of Monsters And Men, "Silhouettes"

"We had been traveling for a long time and away from our family and doing something we had never done before, so that was kind of how we related to the story," Ragnar þórhallsson told MTV News of the band's "Hunger Games" contribution. "So this is all based on our experience."

A sweet yet sad jam, "Silhouettes" speaks of loss and love, its lyrics pretty fitting for a film/book replete with death and nightmares: "A thousand silhouettes/ Dancing on my chest/ No matter where I sleep/ You are haunting me."

The National, "Lean"

This song was almost called "Dying Is Easy." Enough said.

The Lumineers, "Gale Song"

Team Gale, finally your dude gets his due — courtesy of the suspenders-clad Lumineers. Naturally, the jam is sad, because (spoiler! the whole love triangle thing in the film doesn't work out in his favor.

Ellie Goulding, "Mirror"

Equal parts dubby and ethereal, this love jam from Goulding sets the scene for some serious smooching.

Santigold, "Shooting Arrows At The Sky"

This jam from singer-songwriter Santigold is pretty damn battle-ready. Panem, we go hard.