News Flash: Pumpkins To Open For Jane's Addiction

Just a week into their highly anticipated and thus-far well-received "relapse"

tour, Jane's Addiction are pulling out the big guns.

And they're not even their own.

Their show at Chicago's Aragon Ballroom on Monday night (Nov. 3), the third on

the tour, will feature a surprise opening mini-set from hometown royalty, Billy

Corgan and his Smashing Pumpkins. The trio, again joined by Filter drummer Matt

Walker, will take a break from the sessions for their in-process album to play

the gig, according to Pumpkins publicist Gayle Fine.

"I don't know what time or in what slot they're playing," Fine said, "but I know

they're supposed to play at some point during the night."

The scenario is familiar to Chicago-based Pumpkins fans, who have come to

recognize the signs of surprise Pumpkins gigs when they see the likes of the

Audio Vanguard Association on the marquee of club-sized venues. The Pumpkins

played a surprise gig at Chicago's Double Door earlier this year under that


While Jane's Addiction publicist Heidi Robinson said she had heard the Pumpkins

might play the show, Fine confirmed their presence at the gig, a well-kept

secret until showtime.

Contrary to a popular local rumor, though, Corgan will not be joining the Gary

Numan tribute band the Replicas at a Double Door benefit show on Nov. 8., she


The "Art and Fashion" benefit for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, coordinated by the

Phoebe 45 boutique, will feature a fashion show and a late-night set by the

Numan tribute band, which features ex-Ministry member Chris Connelly, Solomon

Snyder and Greg Suran of the Cupcakes, Pumpkins tour drummer Matt Walker

(Filter) and ex-Filter member Brian Liesegang.

Corgan was supposed to fill-out the band's line-up, but will instead be

traveling with the rest of the band to Los Angeles to continue work on the

still-untitled new Pumpkins album. -- Gil Kaufman

[Mon., Nov. 3, 1997, 4:30 p.m. PDT]

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