The Wanted Mourn The Jonas Brothers And Remember Their First Time: Relive It Now!

U.K. boy band performs two songs and tells us their deepest, most embarrassing secrets on 'Live From MTV.'

They started with a proclamation that "the party never died," and even though it was 4 p.m. on a Tuesday, the Wanted made sure they lived up to it when they invaded the MTV Newsroom for "Live from MTV."

While Max George, Nathan Sykes, Tom Parker, Jay McGuiness and Siva Kaneswaran still had everyone in the audience on their feet during their acoustic performance of "We Own the Night," it was decidedly more toned-down than their typical raucous parties. It's all part of the more "personal" transition the U.K. boy band is making on Word of Mouth, their third studio album released on Monday.

"There's a lot of personal stuff — relationships, breakups, being away from home — and i think it shines through,"Parker said. "It's a lot more musical too, more band-y — more live strings and guitar."

But while this project is a bit more demure — just listen what Jay McGuinness calls the "male angst" on "Demons" — they still are the Wanted after all. And that means they like having fun -- preferably of the raunchy nature.

Need proof? Check out Max's rather, um, suggestive hand movements when he had to act out "Glad You Came" during our special, Wanted-themed round of charades. Or when Siva broke the news that "we're all virgins." Oh, and we can't forget when Nathan invented the term "fumbs" and Jay revealed his go-to pickup line: "Feel this?" he asked, pointing to his leather jacket, "That's boyfriend material."

When asked to tell their most embarrassing story, Siva shared the torturing tale of his first kiss, which "ended in a lot of blood" after he pierced her upper lip with his teeth. (For the record, they never kissed again.) Tom, meanwhile, remembered when he was on a date when he was 15 and fell into a sewer.

Next up, the guys were asked to pick one person they'd like to have a conversation with. Jay opted for the royal family, Tom picked Morgan Freeman, Nathan picked jazz singer Jamie Cullum and Max chose director Quentin Tarantino (who was particlarly appealing since he got his hands on the final script for "Django Unchained.") As for Siva, he wants to sit face to face with the Jonas Brothers to figure out what exactly prompted them to call the whole thing off last week.

And while all of them were very surprised that the JoBros called off their tour, it looks like there won't be any last-minute cancellations from the Wanted. In fact, the only surprises in store for fans are what they'll see on stage.

"'Heartbreak Story' will be a moment on the tour," Max said. "It will be dark and I'm gonna cry and Jay's gonna get naked."

"It's something like we've never done before ... maybe a few synchronized movements," Jay added. "Not dancing -- maybe pointing somewhere at the same time."