Miley Keeps Grandma Close With Massive Forearm Tattoo: See The Pic

Pop star adds to collection of ink with a family portrait by Kat Von D.

Miley Cyrus is slowly starting to turn into the tattooed lady. The singer added some new ink to her extensive collection on Monday night, this time paying homage to her grandmother with a portrait on her forearm.

Inked by Kat Von D, the tattoo is the fourth collaboration between the artist and the pop star. Cyrus already has an intersecting bow-and-arrow behind her elbow and a curved animal tooth on her bicep. She built on her arm candy by placing the portrait directly under another Von D piece: a DaVinci-inspired anatomical heart.

And Miley isn't the only pop star who digs Von D. Demi Lovato has a few pieces by the heavily tattooed artist, including the swooping swallows on her forearm.

Smilers got their first peek at Miley's art when she debuted it via Instagram Tuesday afternoon (November 5), writing, "Because I am her favorite & she is mine," in reference to her grandmother. Fans reacted with a mix of enthusiasm ... and confusion. Some took Miley's grandma for Marilyn Monroe while others thought they were seeing country icon Dolly Parton. Von D cleared up the confusion, however, with her own Instagram of the art, captioned "Grandmas rule."

The drawing is of Miley's maternal grandmother, Loretta Finley, whom the Cyrus kids affectionately refer to as Mammie. Known for traveling on tour with Miley and her status as the founding head of her granddaughter's fan club, no word yet on what Finley thinks of the tribute. Though we expect she's content to let her granddaughter do her thing.

Monday's art brings Miley's tattoo count up to at least 21, the most recent of which, hidden on the soles of her feet, was documented by Rolling Stone. This, though, is Miley's second-largest tattoo. Could this be the start of a Justin Bieber-style semi-sleeve?

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