One Direction's 'Story Of My Life' Vid Gives Old-School Film Double Exposure

Dear Photograph founder says, 'These guys are important in bringing back film into pop culture.'

Show of hands: Who out there has purchased a roll of film in the past few years? That's what we thought. With the rise of digital cameras — and the increasing quality of snappers on smartphones — the idea of developing actual film has become a bit dated. One Direction's new video for "Story of My Life," however, gives new life to the concept of the darkroom, according to Taylor Jones, founder of photo nostalgia blog Dear Photograph.

"I think it's important that a band that is as big as these guys start showing more about film," Jones told MTV News. "I saw that Tyler, the Creator was using his Polaroid camera yesterday at the YouTube Music Awards and Instagramming the photos. Film is important, and I think influencers such as these guys are important in bringing back film into pop culture."

In the "Story of My Life" video, directed by Ben Winston, the boys are developing photos in a giant darkroom, displaying old snaps of each of the band members in younger years. The guys then recreate the photos, wandering around the nostalgic landscape in their current forms.

The idea is very similar to Jones' Dear Photograph, which launched in the summer of 2011. In the blog, users take old photos and hold them up against current versions of the same scenes, matching up the edges so that past and present blend perfectly. Over the past few years, Jones has expanded the project, working with the likes of "The Walking Dead" and Universal's "About Time" for various promotional campaigns and contests.

Jones isn't sure if 1D and their director were directly inspired by his blog when creating the video, but he said he would have been open to helping them make the video even better — if they had asked.

His first suggestion? "I would have made sure to turn the lights off before getting into the darkroom."