Kristen Stewart Gets A Shot Of 'Anesthesia' With Indie Role

'Twilight' actress will spend a few days in New York filming a small role.

This is by no means the "Twilight" of Kristen Stewart's career.

The erstwhile leading lady of the box office-topping vampiric teen romance franchise has signed on for a small role in "Anesthesia," Deadline Hollywood reported Sunday. Tim Blake Nelson — who has had small parts in "O Brother Where Art Thou," "Lincoln" and "The Incredible Hulk" — is on board to write and direct the ensemble indie.

The movie itself sounds very "Dead Poets Society" — if Deadline's one-line plot summary is accurate: It's about "a group of New Yorkers whose lives are touched by the same philosophy professor." Stewart will spend a few days in New York shooting the project, likely portraying one of the philosophizing youths. Might the 23-year-old be taking a page from her own (text)book, considering she secretly enrolled in an English course at UCLA? After all, she's spent the past few years swanning around red carpets and cavorting with vampires and huntsmen alike. Maybe a little "O Captain, My Captain" is just what Stewart needs right now.

The actress already has a trio of indies awaiting release, one of which is set in Guantanamo Bay — a major change of scenery after the very woodsy "Snow White and the Huntsman." The Gitmo drama " Camp X-Ray" is due out in 2014, as is "Sils Maria," in which Stewart co-stars with Chloë Grace Moretz. In February, it was reported that Stewart would star alongside Elizabeth Banks and Jim Sturgess in the fetish flick " The Big Shoe," but filming has not yet begun.