One Direction's 'Story of My Life' Video Leaves Fans Emotional, 'Not Stable'

'What other 22 year old is cryin bout 5 lads growing up?' one emotional Directioner writes of the new video.

One Direction grow up right before your eyes in the new video for "Story of My Life." In the clip, which premiered on Sunday, the five guys recreate adorable childhood photos with their real-family members joining them in these adult versions.

And the concept has Directioners feeling a bit weepy. "#MyHomeworkIsntFinishedBecause STORY OF MY LIFE MUSIC VIDEO OKAY I'm not emotionally stable," @AbbeyMarshall wrote. Meanwhile, ‏@Raadzzz101 added, "OMG the Story Of My Life video is so freakin' amazing!!!! I just can't... Why do they have to be so DAMN SEXY??"

Many of the family members who appear in the original photos with Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Niall Horan were able to make cameos in the video, but two of Louis Tomlinson's grandparents have passed away since his childhood photo was taken. And that realization created another emotional moment for Directioners.

While the video had some fans feeling sad, the Ben Winston-directed visual also made them feeling nostalgic about their own lives. @McKaleyM wrote, "Randomly started looking through old photos of myself... I blame the Story Of My Life music video."

‏@Gypsy_Princ3ss added, "I've said this a lot but Story Of My Life video makes me feel sad pathetic & old. What other 22 year old is cryin bout 5 lads growing up?"

"Story of My Life" is the second single off 1D's November 25 release, Midnight Memories. And while Winston and the band opted for comedy when it came to their VMA-winning video for "Best Song Ever" off the album, Directioners really connected with this video's more personal concept.

"Story Of My Life video is so sweet & lovely. Definitely one of my best videos from 1D," ‏@Jakexmonster Tweeted. @katycatnow shared that perspective, writing, "OMG story of my life video is so touching, ahh very great vdeo!"