Plies And Rico Love Have Enough Music For A Whole Album After 'Faithful'

Plies details his chemistry with producer Rico Love to MTV News.

Plies has a way with the ladies. The Fort Myers, Florida, native is no Romeo, but his raw lyrics connect with his female fans on songs like "Shawty" or 2008's "Bust It Baby (Part 2)," where he nicknames his lover "wet wet."

On his latest Rico Love-produced "Faithful," Plies adds on to his discography of sexually explicit sweet nothings. The #1 Goon promises of sexual healing and financial security. "Whatever she want is paid for," Plies raps, while Rico backs up his sentiment on the hook.

The duo's musical chemistry is so good, it's a wonder they didn't get together sooner.

"I think Rico, he followed my situation, he always been a fan of what I did," Plies told MTV News of the accomplished singer/songwriter. "And then when I got a better understanding about his catalog and him probably having the dopest pen in the game, it was just one of those special situations."

"Faithful" is the current single off of Plies' upcoming Purple Heart album, but it may not be the last. The rapper hasn't finalized his track list yet, but he has plenty of Rico Love productions to choose from. "I think I actually went into the session with Rico and we came out with a whole album really, I think we ended up doing like 12 to 15 records," he revealed.

Rico, like Plies has a gift of gab that the ladies seem to like. He's written a ton of hit R&B records like Usher's "There Goes My Baby" and Trey Songz's "Heart Attack." Rico's debut solo EP Discrete Luxury finds him speaking to the women on each of its five songs. His track record made him the perfect producer for Plies.

"It was just a feeling. I record a lot of records, I'm constantly working, but any time you find that record that's in the middle where the dudes like and the chicks like it. It just becomes special records," he said.