‘The Walking Dead’: What You Missed On ‘Indifference’

This week, Carol gets sexiled, but without the sex.

After three weeks of escalating action and danger, “The Walking Dead” took a moment to simmer down and focus on the characters. And where normally that would be the point in the season when we flip our television over and swear not to ever watch the show again (until, you know, the next week), “Indifference” managed to strike a strong balance with the sprawling cast, and for the first time make a conversation-heavy episode truly work. Also, there were zombie attacks. Here are some of the best, biggest moments that happened this week:

Running Out Of Gas
No, not the show. At the beginning of the episode, the survivors are literally running out of their previously thought inexhaustible supply of gasoline, which could spell doom for the sporty, super-clean vehicles they’ve been driving around. Don’t worry, they get two more cars by the end of the episode, though, so everything is fine.

Ivy League Walkers
While trying to get a new ride — and medicine for the mostly absent flu-stricken survivors at the prison — Daryl, Tyreese, Bob and Michonne encounter a group of Walkers stuck in a ton of ivy. Once again, the show finds a new way of scaring us, as seemingly unconnected arms and heads reach out for our heroes from behind the curtain of green.

Nikki & Paulo: ‘Walking Dead’ Edition
We were dangerously close to “The Walking Dead” getting its own version of “Lost” ‘s most hated survivors, Nikki and Paulo, weren’t we? Two hippie survivors (“We’ve got fruit!” says one, in the most pleasant cut-to-commercial sting the show has ever done) bond with Rick and Carol, out on a run. But by the time R & C are ready to head back to the prison, one is Walker food, and the other is nowhere to be seen. Dodged a bullet there!

Bob’s Addiction
In case you couldn’t figure it out, one of the big themes this episode was addiction, whether it’s to rage (Tyreese), finding the Governor (Michonne) or alkiehol, as we “shockingly” find out with Bob Stookey. Still, even if it was obvious, the scene in which he nearly dies trying to save a bottle of liquor from a horde of Walkers, and then comes close to shooting Daryl, trying to stop everyone’s fave redneck from throwing the bottle away, was very, very tense.

Did this episode have the most references to previous episodes ever? Carol and Rick talk about Lori, Shane, Sophia and even Carol’s abusive husband all the while picking vegetables delicately placed by the props department. Sadly, T-Dog remains completely forgotten.

Tyreese vs. The Window
Tyreese wins the episode two weeks in a row for chucking a fire extinguisher overhand through a window in order to escape a zombie-overrun storeroom. Anger issues or not, Ty is the man.

Bye Bye, Carol
Is this the end of Carol? Rick tells Carol that Tyreese will kill her and the rest will exile her if they find out she killed Karen and, most importantly, fan-favorite character David (who, it should be noted, doesn’t even show up in the flashback showing how Carol killed Karen and David, which is kind of amazing). Anyway, Rick gives her a car and some supplies and tells her to go. And perhaps in a rare moment of a character escaping with her life intact, Carol drives away, maybe forever.

Check That Rearview Mirror, Rick
The last scene is Rick driving back to the prison alone, constantly checking his rearview mirror. Is he making sure Carol isn’t following him? Looking for Daryl and crew, knowing he’ll have to explain exiling Carol? Providing a visual metaphor for the episode-wide theme of second-guessing your past choices? The world may never know…

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