'Walking Dead' Preview: Rick Goes Caroling

Can Rick keep Carol on a leash? Will he have to pull another Shane? Those questions and more in MTV News' latest 'Walking Dead' preview!

Tonight's episode of "The Walking Dead" doesn't take place during Christmas, but I have a feeling it'll be heavy on the Caroling all the same.

That's because last week's outing, titled "Isolation," featured one hell of a reveal: Carol Peletier was the woman who murdered Karen and David in cold-blood. You can predict the "why" of the matter fairly easily — she was trying to head off the infection that broke out in the prison, before anyone else got sick. But the fallout of her decision? That's a trickier question to ponder.

Let's talk about Carol's dubious decision and more in our weekly round-up of "Walking Dead" predictions.

Prediction #1: Carol Is Dead

It's a matter of when, not if. Carol sealed her fate the moment she put a knife (or a bullet? Who even knows how she did it!) in Karen's brain. Either Tyreese will hammer her to death, or Rick will take it upon himself to euthanize her, or the council will have her executed, or something. Even if she's not sentenced to death, an errant walker will get the job done. You don't just walk away from murder on "The Walking Dead" unless your name's Rick Grimes. No matter how you slice it, the outcome's the same: there is no way Carol leaves season four alive.

Prediction #2: Carol Isn't Dead Yet

Well, duh. What I mean is, she's not dying tonight. The writers have opened up a fascinating can of worms here, and there's way too much to explore before closing the can for good. Rick and Carol are together in tonight's episode, based on previews released by AMC, so it's certainly worth getting nervous about the silver-haired killer's future. But there's too much possibility in Carol's character right now, and how her continued survival influences the characters around her, from Rick to Tyreese to Daryl. I do think Carol will die this season, absolutely, but not for another episode or two at the very, very least.

Prediction #3: Daryl And Carol Forever, For Real

There's a silver-lining in Carol's death sentence: she'll finally get it on with Daryl Dixon. The writers have been stringing viewers along long enough. Carol's been ogling Daryl for seasons now. Daryl's been sheepishly resisting for just as long. The world can only handle Norman Reedus with his shirt on for so long. With Carol a marked woman, expect some do-or-die love-making before all's said and done, if not quite tonight.

Prediction #4: Daryl's Crew Will All Be Fine

Don't get too worried about Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne and Bob, even though they are currently at a university populated by hordes of walkers, fifty-odd miles away from the prison. Daryl won't die until he gets to interact with Carol's new story-line. Michonne won't die until she gets a Governor rematch. Tyreese, like Daryl, needs closure on the Carol thing, and needs to check in on his sister again. Bob's the only useful party when it comes to the medication, and if the group doesn't find the medication, then Glenn and Hershel and Sasha and everyone else who is infected will die, and that's not happening. Plus, I'm still banking on Bob as a bad guy in some capacity, so look out for some some pay-off there. Everyone on the medication-mission team is fine for now.

Prediction #5: Hershel Is Dead

It's a matter of when, not if. Really, everyone on "The Walking Dead" is dead, whether they know it yet or not. But of all the infected folks at the prison, Hershel is my pick for the one who meets the reaper first. It's a major cop-out if this sickness story-line doesn't claim at least one major life. (No, Karen and McLovin Patrick don't count.) Glenn's too much of a fan-favorite, and killing Sasha so soon after Karen's death would just be needless torture for Tyreese. Hershel, meanwhile, delivered an epic death-speech last week, the kind you can picture hearing over an in memoriam montage. (Hm, we should probably start editing that together now.) On top of that, Hershel ate a face-full of Dr. S' bloody snots. That's pretty gross, and probably a death-sentence to boot. The old man is the likely pick to die, if anyone dies from the infection.

Your turn, "Walking Dead" heads. What do you think will happen to Carol? Do you agree she's a dead woman walking? Do you think Hershel (or someone else) will die of the infection? Give us your take in the comments section below, and tune back later tonight for our recap!