Lady Gaga’s Mustache Totally Got In Good With The American Mustache Institute

On the kickoff of Movember, Dr. Adam Paul Causgrove of AMI says some 'staches are worn on the heart.

November 1 marks the first day of Movember, that glorious time of year when men save some dough on razors and grow a luscious, flowing mustache to raise awareness for prostate cancer. But dudes aren’t the only ones getting facially follicular: Lady Gaga has recently been seen sporting a ‘stache.

Dr. Adam Paul Causgrove, of the American Mustache Institute, wants Mother Monster to know that the facial hair advocacy organization is behind her 100 percent.

“The American Mustache Institute believes that if one wants to embrace the sexually dynamic mustached American lifestyle, then nobody should hold them back,” Causgrove said, echoing Gaga’s “Born This Way” message of yore. “We also say that not every mustache is worn on the upper lip. Some are worn on the heart…. The mustache appendage that Lady Gaga is using right now is a great way to show solidarity with fellow mustached Americans. We support her wholeheartedly with this endeavor.”

We saw Gaga in full furry regalia at an ARTPOP listening party at the Berghain Club in Berlin on October 24.

“That is a pretty classic Dali mustache,” Causgrove noted, referring to surrealist painter Salvador Dalí. “I give her a lot of credit for going with a subdued version of the Dali mustache.”

The ‘stache was also a wise choice given the title of her upcoming ARTPOP record and the surrounding promotional campaign, which has already evoked Jeff Koons via the single “Applause” and his album art.

As the month wears on, we can’t help but wonder if Gaga will test out any other mustaches. We asked Causgrove if he had any suggestions for Mother Monster, and he answered sagely: “The best thing that she could do — and we recommend this to anybody considering the mustached lifestyle — similar to one finding one’s own spirit animal, is to really look deep inside oneself.”

Brenna Ehrlich is a reporter for MTV News as well as the senior writer/editor for the O Music Awards. In the past, she served as associate editor at Mashable, penned a netiquette column for CNN and co-authored the blog and book "Stuff Hipsters Hate." She likes trying not to die in moshpits and listening to songs on repeat. Follow her on Twitter @BrennaEhrlich for news on cats and punk bands.