One Direction's 'Story of My Life' Video Is Out: Relive Childhood With The Guys!

1D travel back to younger days in new video, which premiered Sunday (November 3).

One Direction just might make you cry all the tears after you watch their video for "Story of My Life." Why? In the brand-new visual from the boy band, they really feel nostalgic.

The Ben Winston-directed clip opens with 1D developing film in their own personal dark room. The camera pans to some of the pictures, and the premise for the video really starts to come together. The visual, rather creatively, recreates childhood photos of the guys.

A dated photo of Zayn Malik is the first to get a modern recreation. After Directioners get the initial look at an original pic of him and his sister chilling in their bedroom, it's brought to life with Zayn's sis taking his side.

All five guys pay tribute to the stories of their lives in that way. While in the grown-up versions of the video, each of the guys spend some time in those moments and places. Niall Horan is up next. His photo features him playing violin, joined by his brother who is playing guitar. Niall is not only sporting a lovely sweater, but also darker-looking locks. Oh, the days before he had to hit the salon for beauty!

Liam Payne recreated a photo of himself in formal wear posing with his sisters, mom and dad.

Meanwhile, Harry Styles opted for a photo of himself eating sausages while sitting on the couch with his mom. So, if you ever wanted to know what that looked like, this video provides the visual, in two times of his life.

And, finally, Louis Tomlinson's moment is a bit more somber. His photo, as he previously tweeted features the "screen debut for the grandparents," but when the photo cuts back to the adult version, two of the folks from the original photo are no longer around.

In between shots of the guys paying homage to their childhoods, they are also featured performing in a big space, filled with more photos of the guys. As the video begins to end, the photos turn back into their original form. And, as expected, all the boy banders are pretty adorable as kids.

Winston also directed the boys' VMA-winning "Best Song Ever" visual. The premise of the "Story" video was teased earlier this month when 1D released childhood photos of themselves to announce the song's release.

"Story of My Life" is the second single off the band's November 25 album release, Midnight Memories.