Meet Mac Miller's Troubled New Alter Ego: Delusional Thomas

Squeaky-voiced Thomas spits clever wordplay over a moody 10-track mixtape.

Add another alter ego to Mac Miller's growing list of personalities. On Halloween night, the Most Dope general dropped a new treat in the form of a 10-track mixtape, under the moniker Delusional Thomas.

The tape was produced by Miller (under his production alias Larry Fisherman), but featured a much different vocal delivery than Mac has displayed on his albums or even the jazz album last year he dropped as Larry Lovestein. For nearly all of the Delusional Thomas tape, Miller rhymes with a sped-up vocal effect applied to his natural voice, making him sound like a character from "Alvin and the Chipmunks."

On the tape's closer, "Grandpa Used to Carry a Flask," Mac trades rhymes in his natural voice alongside his alter ego over a somber piano backdrop. "I think it's me, well I hope it is," Thomas raps on the back half of a soul-searching verse before Mac reveals: "I haven't seen a genuine smile in a while/ Mostly everybody's stuck in denial."

Much of the project is moody musically, though the subject matter varies here and there. For starters, "Larry" is a psychedelic killing spree. "Army of fans like a hundred million mini-Me's/ Take 'em to the top of the mountain, have 'em drink the punch," he rhymes, channeling the spirit of 1970's cult leader and mass murderer Jim Jones.

"The Jesuits" is more light-hearted as Thomas revels in clever wordplay and outrageous rapper imagery. "From right out the backyard, rhymes out the crack jar/ The facts are that Mac brought the cash for the caviar," he spits before inviting girls over to "twerk around the casa."

Earl Sweatshirt and Da$h help out on the feature side, but the real strength in the Delusional Thomas project is showing all the versatility and diversity that Mac has to offer.