Eminem Loves Cupcakes, Awkward Silences In New 'SNL' Promos

Slim Shady doesn't say much, despite Kerry Washington's enthusiasm.

Eminem doesn't really do silly. Even when he's the musical guest
 on "Saturday Night Live," Slim Shady keeps it real ... real serious.

In a new set of promo clips with host Kerry Washington, the reportedly pregnant
 "Scandal" actress and "SNL" cast member Nasim Pedrad try to pry Marshall out of his stern shell to no avail.

"Hi, I'm Kerry Washington and I'm hosting 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend with musical guest Eminem," says a clearly excited Washington in the first bit. All the while, Em, wearing a military-style jacket, grey sweatshirt, dog tags and a blank expression, stares into the camera unblinkingly.

"This is fun, are you having fun?" Pedrad asks Washington. "Of course!" Washington answers. "And Eminem, are you having fun?" Pedrad (aka "'Lil Blaster") asks Eminem. Nothing. Not a smile, not a blink, not a nod. Pedrad awkwardly adds, "Two of us are having fun!"

Hell, even Kanye West got in on the action
 earlier this year when he did a beatbox bit in a teaser for his appearance alongside Ben Affleck.

In the other Eminem commercial, Marshall finally lets go a bit after Washington enthuses about sharing the stage with the rapper (still staring out with no expression) and reveals that when they wrap, they're going out for a special treat. "Afterwards, we're going out for cupcakes," she says. "His idea!"

His comic timing perfect, Shady waits a beat, turns to Washington and deadpans, "I love cupcakes." See? Em does do funny, just in his own way.