Justin Bieber Goes All Banksy With Some Tupac-Inspired 'Street Art'

On tour stop in South America, Justin and pals celebrate Mischief Night by tagging up some buildings with graffiti.

Somewhere between concert dates on his Believe Tour, Justin Bieber found time to celebrate one of the greatest pre-Halloween traditions known to youths: Mischief Night. And to get into the spirit, Bieber and his pals decided to get their Banksy on, spray painting the sides of buildings somewhere in Bogota, Colombia.

The 19-year-old Instagrammed pics of his graffiti masterpieces, telling his followers he "found a new hobby." It's clear Bieber was willing to get his hands dirty, as he posted a picture of them covered in paint. So, what kind of street art is Bieber into drawing? Well, he uploaded a few snaps of a frog-like creature posing, it seems, like late rapper Tupac, with the message "R.I.P. Pac." Another creation read, aptly, "Street Art."

A final piece he posted is a bit hard to make out, but does feature art done in glow-in-the-dark paint.

Bieber played a show in Bogota on Tuesday night and had Wednesday off. He'll be spending Halloween night onstage at the Estadio Olímpico Atahualpa in Quito, Ecuador.

Long before the pop star and his pals were getting into Halloween shenanigans in South America, young Bieber opened up to MTV News back in 2009, about one of his fondest Halloween memories. "It was me and [my manager], Scooter Braun. Yes, Scooter Braun. Yeah, the guy that flew me out to Atlanta. So, he took me to a nightclub. How irresponsible is that?" Bieber joked about the 2007 bash in Atlanta, during which he was dressed like Stewie from "Family Guy."

He added, "He took me to a nightclub but it was OK, because I went with Keri Hilson as my date, so that was great."