SKATERS Dance With The Dead In 'Let The Heads Roll': Listen

The New York rock band premiered the track at Artist To Watch Live.

When you're out tricking and treating, make sure to watch out for the zombie apocalypse because, according to the newly dropped "Let The Heads Roll" from New York band SKATERS, it is extremely nigh.

SKATERS — who plan to drop their first LP, Manhattan, on Warner Bros. on February 25 — premiered the song during MTV Hive's Artists To Watch Live event on October 21, and now it's live on the band's SoundCloud.

"It's about the zombie apocalypse," guitarist Josh Hubbard told MTV News. "Not to do with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs track," he added, referring to "Heads Will Roll," off 2009's It's Blitz! "It's more literal."

Bassist Dan Burke added that the band chose zombies as their subject because the dead can dance — and dance they do in "Let The Heads Roll."

The jam kicks off like a Halloween song from the '80s. There's whistling, creepy laughing — a thoroughly "Ghostbusters" vibe — before launching into a more melodic indie rock jam about a kid who warns a doubtful town that the undead are coming, to unfortunate consequences.

"Hidin' out behind your bed/ If you're smart you'll hold your breath/ You're no exception to the cold," croons lead singer Michael Ian Cummings. "Now child don't be scared/ By the creaking of the stairs/ It's just your mother/ So you hope/ No one listened when you said/ You were walking among the dead."

The song then builds to a macabre chorus, in which Cummings notes that it's "such a beautiful night to let their heads roll." Should have listened to the kid under the bed.

The song also, naturally, features a dance break in the middle — as demonstrated to MTV News by the SKATERS guys below — allowing listeners ample time to shake their bones.

SKATERS' first single off of their upcoming album, "Deadbolt," is out now.