Kim Kardashian Calls Her Sexy Selfie A 'Middle Finger To The World'

Kim sat down with Jay Leno Wednesday night to chat about her white swimsuit and plans for her wedding with Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian will soon be wearing a white dress when she walks down the aisle to marry Kanye West. But it was a white bathing suit she rocked in a selfie earlier this month that has already caused a stir.

Kardashian opened up about that photo when she sat down with Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show," explaining why she wanted to post it. "I was trying on a bathing suit and I actually just sent that to my boyfriend [Kanye] and I was like, 'Babe, can I post this up? This is like my big, like, middle finger to the world on everyone that called me fat,' " she said Wednesday night.

The reality starlet then addressed the criticism she received for gaining weight when she got pregnant. She says she has lost 50 pounds since giving birth to North back in June. "It really hurt my soul," she said. "It changed how I am in the public a little bit...There were these stories where I was, like, 200 pounds. I was gaining weight because I was pregnant and it was really hard to read all these stories and hear all these nasty things."

With her friends and family around, Kanye asked Kim to marry him, in an epic ballpark proposal last week on her birthday. She insists she knew nothing about it.

"It was honestly the most magical night of my life," she said. "I thought I was going to San Francisco because Kanye is in the middle of his Yeezus tour. He had a show there the next night. I thought we were just going to dinner for my birthday in San Francisco ... The whole family thought I was there for my surprise party and I thought they were in Arizona. The look on their faces ... they really tricked me."

Next up for Kim — she and Kanye are in the very early stages of planning out their wedding. "He definitely knows what he wants, and I want him to have whatever he wants," she said, sharing they might get married somewhere in Europe next summer. "I don't think we've even had the right time to sit down and talk about it. I think I'm enjoying just being engaged and I think we're gonna get through his tour and then really talk about when and where and all that."

When they say "I do," Kim will drop her famous last name to take on his equally well-known moniker. "I'm probably going to have Kardashian as my middle name and then West ... My daughter has the last name West and we're a family so I want [my last name] to definitely be West," she said.

As for North, well, she has a few of her own dreams for her "so sweet" baby girl. "I hope she grows up to be really opinionated and smart like her dad," she said.