Beyoncé's 'God Made You Beautiful': Get A Taste Of Her Latest Track!

Bey revealed the track in a trailer for her 'Life Is But A Dream' documentary.

Fans having been waiting with bated breath for any news about Beyoncé's upcoming record — well, today, they can exhale just a little, as Queen Bey is teasing a new track, "God Made You Beautiful."

Wednesday (October 30) Beyoncé posted a trailer for her upcoming documentary, "Life Is But A Dream" online, and in it, fans can hear a snippet of a new ballad in the tradition of Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful," telling listeners that: "God made you beautiful/ God made you beautiful/ You're beautiful."

It's a soaring inspirational track, one that Bey uses to underline her own struggles with expression and identity depicted in the trailer.

This is the fourth track we've heard that's potentially off of Beyoncé's upcoming fifth studio album, including "Bow Down/I Been On," "Standing On The Sun," and "Grown Woman."

According to the trailer, fans will score the new track when they pre-order the DVD of the documentary, out November 25. However, there don't appear to be live pre-order listings on retail sites such as Amazon, so her loyal Beyhive will just have to keep buzzing with excitement for now. Or perhaps take a page from Bey's book and base-jump away some of that stress.

The Hive will also, sadly, have to keep waiting for Bey's new record éstill unnamed éwhich has yet to get a release date. Producer Pharrell Williams, however, said that Bey is saying that the record is almost done, sharing this morsel: "B's album is crazy."