Britney And Lady Gaga 'Alien' Collabo Rumors Clarified

'Alien' producer William Orbit weighs in after fans buzzed that the pop stars would work together on Britney Jean.

For a minute there, it looked like Britney's Army and Lady Gaga's Little Monsters may have had reason to applaud — in unison. But rumors that the Mother Monster will appear on Spears' next album, Britney Jean, are untrue.

Spears' producer, William Orbit, confirmed on Twitter late Tuesday that Gaga won't appear on "Alien," which is one of the confirmed tracks on Spears' December 3 release.

"I see the rumours about a GG vocal collaboration on 'Alien' have died down. U prob already know it, but can confirm: No collab," Orbit wrote.

Speculation that the two pop stars had hooked up in the studio began circulating earlier this month after Britney Jean executive producer tweeted at Gaga, using the word "alien" in his hashtag. Of course, he was just sending her some love about her ARTPOP album cover but it let fans to wonder if the Black Eyed Peas frontman was dropping some kind of subtle hint. Orbit has now officially shut that rumor down.

With the Gaga rumor cleared up, fans still have more new music to look forward to from Brit. Spears is expected to drop the Sia-penned ballad "Perfume" on November 5.