Miley Cyrus Gets All 'Gravity' In Future's 'Real And True' Video

Singer dons space suit for 30-second look at video that will debut on MTV on November 10 at 6:55 p.m.

We recently suggested a way for Miley Cyrus to tone it down for Halloween
, but the singer beat us to the punch in the teaser for her collabo with Future on his single, "Real and True."

The full video for the Mike Will Made It-produced track from Future's upcoming Honest album will officially debut on MTV at 6:55 p.m. on November 10. In the meantime, we have a 33-second teaser in which we see Miley all covered up in a space suit.

Yes, we already know at one point she strips down to just glittery body paint
, but in the "Gravity"-style teaser, we see a concerned-looking Future standing next to a flashing light on board a space ship and an alien Cyrus laid out on what looks like a foreign planet in a full space suit and helmet. The clip ends with a quick-cut montage of action scenes on board the star cruiser and the planet as the slow jam song's chorus plays in the background.

"I worked with Miley Cyrus when we were working on her project, for her album," the Astronaut Kid told MTV's "RapFix Live" recently
. "I was doing some records in Vegas and Mr. Hudson sent a hook back he did on a Mike Will track. He played it for Miley and she wanted to be a part of it, so I'm putting the record on my album also."