Britney Spears Opens The Floor For #AskBritneyJean: Here's What We Learned

In short: She's going to make you wait, bitch.

Britney Spears has made it clear that she's using her eighth studio album to get on a middle-name basis with her Army. Which is why, when she invited fans to #AskBritneyJean in a Twitter Q&A Tuesday night (October 29), fans didn't hold back from asking questions like "what's your definition of true happiness now that you've grown past those rough years?" and demanding to know whether she's working with Lady Gaga.

But Britney politely said "pass" on all those queries and instead threw out a bunch of there were "wait and sees" and reminders that Britney Jean will be her "most personal album." In fact, one of the only things we did learn Tuesday night is that Britney Jean is something she wants you to be hungry for. She's not giving out to many snacks, because fans are in for a decadent and filling experience -- just take a look at the recipe she used.

She's definitely going to make you wait, bitch, but here's what we were able to gather.

She's Not Playing Favorites

When @BBrandonKing was bold enough to ask her to pick her favorite Britney Jean track, she made it clear she wasn't playing that game. "Honestly really love them all," she wrote -- fitting response for a mother of two.

There's An Alien Around

The only detail she told us is that there's a song called "Alien" waiting for fans. Perhaps it's her answer to Gaga's "Venus"?

She's Really Into Skin Care Right Now

Seriously, though, she mentioned skin care or her knack for spa trips four times throughout the hourlong Q&A and told @tomlincoke "I'm obsessed with skin care right now." Guess that explains her fresh-faced ferocity in that "Work Bitch" video.

Motherhood Will Probably Play A Big Role

She told @PartyDiscoLove that her sons are "the best thing that's ever happened to her," she toned down that "Work Bitch" video because "I am a mother" and she cast Sean Preston and Jayden James in her "Smurfs" music video for "Ooh La La." So from the looks of it, her kids are going to have a bigger influence than anyone else.