Jonas Brothers Are Breaking Up: We Relive The Happier (And Crazier) Times

'It's over for now,' so until the JoBros get back together, MTV News takes a look back at some of their craziest moments.

The Jonas Brothers broke lots of hearts on Tuesday (October 29) when they confirmed their breakup. The trio shared with their fans that "it's over for now" after they canceled their fall tour earlier this month.

Of course it's been a wild ride for the three brothers, who have released four albums, appeared in two "Camp Rock" films and on a countless number of teenage girls' walls. MTV News was with the guys during their many, many career highs, as they launched tours, premiered movies and released new music. As we say goodbye to the Jonas Brothers as a band (for now) we are looking back on some of their funniest moments. And, all we have to say is, thanks for the memories.

Theater Invasion Tour

When the guys traveled around the country to promote their 2009 movie, "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience," MTV News was invited along for the ride, joining the brothers as they left New York to bring the flick to fans in North Carolina.

Extreme Sports

In June 2009, the guys were readying the release of Lines, Vines and Trying Times and a tour. So, we wanted to know what they did in their off time, and the answer was rather extreme.

Hair-Raising Truths

That same summer, Joe did the unthinkable and stopped straightening his locks. It went unexplained, until older brother, Kevin, broke it all down for us at one of their Road Dogs softball games. The explanation? Blame the ocean, folks.

Candid Confessions

Ahead of the release of "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" in 2010, the brothers sat down to chat about the movie, with co-star Demi Lovato by their side. But, it was what Kevin shared about being a duct tape wallet designer as a teen (yes, you read that right) that really led to some vivid discussion between the bros.

Always Supportive

Even back in 2010, as the guys began to pursue solo projects, the fellas remained supportive of one another, even suggesting that Kevin and Danielle might want to put out an album together with their dog. Joe provided a dog bark impression for extra effect.

Backstage Antics!

Months later, the guys kicked off their tour in Chicago. MTV News was with the brothers every step of the way, including getting a backstage tour from Kevin and wifey, Danielle, and getting touring tips from the trio.

Reunited And It Feels So Good

After taking some time off, the brothers were ready to return to the stage together in October 2012. We were with the guys as they embarked on what was expected to be their big return, catching them between tour rehearsals in 2012 and even playing "truth or twerk" just earlier this year. Here's to hoping they'll be more music and shenanigans in the future!