What's The 'Girl Code' For Halloween? MTV Star Weighs In!

Star Nicole Byer wants you to be a drunk Bob the Builder.

Who needs yet another Sexy Crayon at their Halloween party, amirite? I mean, between Feisty Fuchsia, Bodacious Blue and Seductive Silver, this Crayola box is getting a little too crowded for comfort. And "Girl Code" star Nicole Byer couldn't agree more.

"Don't feel the need to be overly sexy in your costume because, you know, women are just being sexualized all over the place," Byer advised, when asked for the "Girl Code" Guide to Halloween. "Unless you're a dirty slut, then do you. Do you."

Byer, along with her "Girl Code" co-stars, will return to the MTV airwaves the day before Halloween (that would be Wednesday, October 30) with an all-new season of their show dedicated to the divine secrets of the sisterhood. (We're looking at you, periods, pimples and porn!)

So what are Byer's other time-tested All Hallows' Eve dos and don'ts?

"Do show up in a costume if it's a costume party," she said. "If you don't, you're an a--hole."

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And beware how many adult beverages you consume while doing so. Or not.

"Do not get super-drunk because you're wearing a costume," she continued. "Who wants to see a drunk Bob the Builder? I don't. Or maybe I do. That might be a lot of fun. So do get very drunk in your costume."

Got it! We think...

The second season of "Girl Code" premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.