'Walking Dead: Season 2' Video Game: Watch The Trailer Now!

The sequel to the critically acclaimed video game will put players in the perspective of a young girl versus a horde of zombies.

"The Walking Dead" isn't just a dominant force in television and comic books: The first "season" of the video game released by Telltale Games in 2012 was the most critically acclaimed (and one of the bestselling) releases of the year. And now, Telltale has announced a "Season 2" for "The Walking Dead" will hit late 2013, concluding in 2014.

For those who didn't play the first game, "Walking Dead" is essentially like a choose-your-own-adventure book, with light action elements. Jumping into the perspective of a convict named Lee Everett, you have chances throughout the game to make split -choices (you're usually given just a few seconds to answer a question posed to you, or punch a zombie in the head) that not only influence the direction you take, but also how characters think and act toward you.

Over the course of five individually released episodes, Lee redeemed himself by caring for and raising a young girl named Clementine whom he rescued at the beginning of the series. Now, with [SPOILERS] Lee dead at the end of the last episode, the new season will put you in the perspective of Clementine as she continues to try to survive in Georgia nearly overcome by the living dead.

Other than that, not a lot is known about the new game. The first series featured a few stand-bys from the comics and show, including fan-favorite Glenn, and fan-not-so-favorite Hershel Greene. No word on whether we'll see more well known characters in the sequel, though one still released shows Clementine sharing a candle-lit chat with someone wearing a pretty distinctive baseball cap.

That would be Glenn, by the way.

In any case, for those looking to catch up on the first season, Telltale also announced today that they'll be releasing a "Game of The Year" Edition of "The Walking Dead — Season One" in November on nearly every platform available. The bundle will include all five episodes, plus "400 Days," an anthology take on the world of "Walking Dead" that plays as five mini-games and focuses on even more entirely new characters.

Hopefully we won't have to wait too long to hear more about the release of "Season 2." Until then, we'll just have to busy ourselves watching new episodes of "Walking Dead" on TV, reading the ongoing "Walking Dead" comic, replaying all the "Walking Dead" video games, and tweeting incessantly at creator Robert Kirkman. Hey, Bobby: check your DMs!

You can pre-order "The Walking Dead: Season Two — A Telltale Games Series" on PC/Mac through the Telltale Games Store, or online via Steam.