Lady Gaga Gives Fans A Hit Of 'Mary Jane Holland': Listen Now!

Mother Monster's new electro-rock tune is an homage to the sticky icky.

By the time ARTPOP
 finally drops on November 11, Lady Gaga's Monsters will have sampled every song on the album. Gaga promised she'd be pulling back the curtain on one song a day during her European promotional tour and on Tuesday (October 29) two minutes of her ode to the sticky icky, "Mary Jane Holland" wafted into the atmosphere.

The trippy, midtempo electro rock tune finds Gaga bragging about the "mad-magical" truffles in Amsterdam and promising to sit on her lyre and "play 'em like a piano, man," though it's unclear just who she planning on plucking.

"Cause I love, love, cause I love, love/You better than, you better than/My darkest sin/Russian hookers and cheap gin," she sings over an elastic backing track in the lead-up to the chorus. "I think I could be fine/If I could be Mary Jane Holland tonight/I think we'd have a good time/If you'd meet me and Mary Jane Holland tonight."

The ode to marijuana is not the first time Gaga has addressed the subject of drugs. In a 2012 interview, the singer said she went through a dark period in her early 20s when she was depressed and thought of cocaine as her "friend."

"I never did it with other people," she said. "It's such a terrible way to fill that void, because it just adds to that void, because it's not real."

There is undoubtedly a dark undercurrent to "Mary Jane," thanks to ominously bubbling, swirling synths and a spiraling bit near the end of the clip where Gaga cops to the fact that her smoking habit probably won't make Ma and Pa Germanotta very happy.

"I know that mom and dad think I'm a mess," she sings. "But it's all right because I'm rich as piss/When I ignite the flames and put you in my mouth/The grass heats up my insides and my brunette starts to sprout."

The "Mary Jane" reveal during the same week that Gaga gave her fans a listen to "Venus"
, "Gypsy"
 and "G-A-Y."