Jonas Brothers Split Leaves Hearts 'Shattered Into A Million Pieces'

Fans are left heartbroken and in shock over the announcement of the Jonas Brothers break-up.

It hasn't been easy being a Jonas Brothers fan this past month, having to deal with the news of a canceled tour and a "deep rift within the band." On Tuesday (October 29), things just got a whole lot worse. The trio announced that they came to a "unanimous decision," saying that "it's over for now" after eight years of making music together.

Not surprisingly, fans flooded social media with their reactions of the split, which left them speechless, in shock and filled with heartbreak.

‏@babyDEMIkens tweeted, "my heart is shattered into millions of pieces. the jonas brothers were already a part of me. why did this have to happen? :("

Another JoBro fan ‏@bieberjonasxox echoed those sentiments, "I'm crying. It's done, they're over. The Jonas Brothers are officially calling it quits. I just.. I can't. I'm speechless."

"So the Jonas Brothers officially split up...I feel like I can hear the cries of millions of teenage girls around the world," @justinshanley wrote.

While some were mourning, others were remembering the good times with the band, thanking them for all the memories.

"will always be a proud jonas brothers fan. thanks for a great 7 years, boys. #sadfangirl," @melissa_moniz tweeted.

Others weren't as sympathetic, hoping that they would've followed through with Joe's recent Twitter promise and got their "sh-- together," perhaps taking some cues from another band of brothers.

"Come on, Jonas Brothers, you're breaking up?! YOURE BROTHERS," @OhhhManItsJessy tweeted. "@hansonmusic has made it work for 21 years...get it together, guys."

@TheNameIsAimee wrote, "I'm gonna cry. Why do the #JonasBrothers have to break up. They are freakin brothers. Can't they just get over it and make all of us happy."

In Tuesday morning's confession, Nick said he was "feeling kind of trapped" in the band, but fans had their own speculation.

"Whoa....was not expecting that from the Jonas Brothers. I guess there wasn't enough room in the band for Nick's arms," @LizzieCamille tweeted.

Yet, not all hope is lost amongst fans, others are keeping their fingers crossed for a future reunion.

"The jonas brothers officially broke up.. Now I'm looking forward to the reunion tour in about 5 years," @lncrumbleyy tweeted.