'The Voice' Knockouts Hit The Coaches Hard

'There's no talent on your team,' Green said, taking a shot at Blake Shelton on Monday night's episode.

"The Voice" knockouts proved to be a heated competition, and not just between contestants. In some rare moments, celebrity coaches Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera took some low blows to get their way and their artist.

Tension was high as the celebrity coaches were forced to pair their own teams against each other to select the top four for the live rounds, and all hands were on deck for the punch with the panel getting one extra steal.

Here were some highlights of the night:

Team Blake:

Holly Henry vs. Nic Hawk

Who knew the sweet and melodic Holly Henry could come alive in such a dark way, but that's exactly what she did when the singer took on "Creep." "I love when women are fearless," Aguilera told Henry, whose emotional performance touched the coaches. Hawk took a huge risk by changing the melody and performing a neo-soul version of Aguilera's "Genie in a Bottle" that brought Xtina "back down memory lane." While both "showed a lot of bravery," Shelton kept the very unique Hawk on for the live rounds.

Team Christina

Amber Nicole vs. Josh Logan

We weren't sure what to expect when the young 17-year-old took on Jessie J's "Mama Knows Best," but Nicole quickly proved she had the sass and character to bring the song to life, working the stage with all sorts of attitude. Logan surprised coaches with his "magic" when he smoothly sang Stevie Wonder's "Living for the City." "Every time you get on stage, it's another level," Shelton said, pushing Aguilera to call him the winner.

The real knockout, though, began when coaches Green and Shelton both pushed buttons to steal Nicole. When Shelton tried to lay the case that Nicole would be a unique addition to his team, the usually affable Green went at the country crooner hard. "There's no talent on your team," Green said, eliciting gasps, "I don't even want to go through this with you." Neither did Nicole, who moved to the Goodie Mob leader's team.

Team Cee Lo

Cole Vosbury vs. Jonny Gray

The only thing missing in this duel were the pistols. Both Vosbury and Gray were clad in cowboy hats and Western attire when they took the stage. Vosbury had his work cut out for him when he chose Passenger's lesser-known "Let Her Go," but soared nonetheless. Gray made Aguilera "want to listen" with his version of "We Can Work It Out." Both artists were two of Levine's "biggest regrets," but Green opted for Gray's "flair" and "voice of activism" to rep his team.

The battle for the steal began between Levine and Shelton, who both vied for Vosbury. Levine had been vocal about his admiration for Vosbury but was trumped by Shelton. Blake "hit it on the head" when he told Vosbury he would help him figure out the artist he really was. And with that, Cole became a new member of Team Blake.

Team Adam

Ashley Dubose vs. Tessanne Chin

It was lose-lose when Levine paired Dubose and Chin, who both earned four chair turns during their blind auditions. Dubose went first with a unique folk/rock version of "Hey, Soul Sister" but her voice seemed strained and sharp. "You're doing the best you could," Xtina said but the winner was clearly Chin who "took it to another level" with Kelly Clarkson's "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)." Her slow build up made her big moments pop even more, and as a result, she secured a spot on the live show.

The final selections:

Team Christina:

Josh Logan (winner) vs. Amber Nicole

Olivia Henken (winner) vs. Destinee Quinn

Team Cee Lo:

Kat Robichaud (winner) vs. Monika Leigh

Jonny Gray (winner) vs. Cole Vosbury

Team Blake:

Nic Hawk (winner) vs. Holly Henry

Shelbie Z (winner) vs. Briana Cuoco

Team Adam:

Tessanne Chin (winner) vs. Ashley Dubose

Grey (winner) vs. James Irwin