Mariah Carey And Nas' Collaboration Is So Good You'll 'Feel' It

Carey explains why her upcoming track the Queensbridge rapper is already a favorite.

Earlier this year Mariah Carey teased a summer release for her latest album, then titled The Art of Letting Go, but she eventually delayed the date to properly complete the record. Some of those finishing touches on the LP will include completing her new collaboration with Nas — and possibly even linking up with two much younger collaborators.

Back in September, Mariah tweeted a photo of herself in the studio with Nas, whom she worked with on "Thank God I Found You (remix)," and their reunion sounds promising.

"We have yet to finish our collaboration but it's one of people's favorite records, even though it's nowhere near finished, and even though it's not at that [right] place yet," Carey told MTV News, adding that she's so focused on the current project that it's difficult to even compare it to the last time she recorded with the Queensbridge rapper.

"It's gonna be dope, I could tell you that," her longtime collaborator Jermaine Dupri added, even putting in a call to Nas during the interview to get an update on their schedule.

And Nas isn't the only one Mariah has been spending quality time with in the studio. Instagram photos over the past few weeks have revealed that she's also been at work with producers that include Mike Will Made It, Hit-Boy and Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins.

"[The album's] sound is varied in terms of textures and in terms of the lyrics," she explained. "A lot of songs are [very] different from one another, but there's something that's similar in terms of all the records. There's an intensity that I think people are going to feel."

Dupri, who joined Mariah's management team over the summer and is overseeing production of the album, shared his two cents on the project so far. "You see those producers and you probably think the producers are driving the songs," he said. "But the records actually sound like they're crafted for Mariah as opposed [her] getting on people's records and doing what they're doing."

"She's definitely not the artist that will allow you to write the record before she gets to the studio."

"That's because [you're actually] crafting with the other person," Mariah offered up. "The best records in my opinion are the ones where we got together from the inception to the completion of the record. I like this record because we started from scratch, with nothing."

When asked how her twins Monroe and Moroccan have affected her music, Mariah played coy, and would only say that she had something special in store. Will we hear them on the record? "I don't wanna give away one of the very special things about this record," she teased.

Mariah's latest song "The Art of Letting Go" will be released via Facebook on November 11.