Jared Leto On 'Dallas Buyers Club' Acclaim, The Future Of Thirty Seconds To Mars

With his return to acting generating Oscar buzz, Leto lets fans know Mars isn't going anywhere.

Jared Leto's transgender turn in "Dallas Buyers Club" has already earned the erstwhile actor heaps of acclaim, a trend that only looks to continue as Hollywood heads into award season, with Leto's role generating serious Oscar buzz.

And while critics have welcomed his return to acting, others may be wondering what it means in relation to his other job: fronting Thirty Seconds To Mars. So, when Leto stopped by the MTV Newsroom, we decided to ask if his commitments to the film may have superseded his dedication to the band.

"Not at all. It's actually worked out great," Leto said. "The biggest challenge when you do a lot of things is just finding the time to do them and do them well, so there's always a battle, friction with time. But it's worked out perfectly so far."

Leto added that Mars' schedule is already booked until well into 2014, and let the Echelon know that they're continuing to book shows beyond that, too. Seems he's more than willing to both promote "Buyers Club" and maintain his focus on the band that's been his passion for more than a decade now.

"We're committing to tours next year, deep into next year," he continued. "I'm not in any rush [to do another film]. I never wanted to make the most films. I just wanted to make the most interesting."

Ironically, Leto said that it was Mars' success that actually led him to consider returning to film. He hadn't even read a script since finishing the 2009 sci-fi epic "Mr. Nobody," though after touring the world with the band — and learning a bit about himself along the way — he decided it was time to try his hand at acting once again. And his role as Rayon in "Dallas Buyers Club" was the end result.

"I don't know if it was 'an end' or a retirement; I didn't have plans to ever make another film again. It had been five or six years, and I read this script after ignoring it a few times, and I fell in love," Leto said. "I was really busy with 30 STM, we had more success than we ever dreamed, opportunities to tour the world again and again, and we took advantage of those.

"We fought and worked for them for so long, when those opportunities finally presented themselves, we were like 'Yeah, we're going to go and do that,'" he continued. "And through that, we saw things we never dreamed of; I went to places and had experiences I never imagined possible, and, you know, I grew as a person, and an actor, too."