No 'Carrie' In Hollywood Is Safe: Watch Us Dump Pig's Blood On Mulligan, Fisher And Mariah

Carrie Bradshaw and 'Carry' Potter get the piggy prom treatment from MTV News.

Everyone knows the classic line immortalized in both the 1976 original, and now the 2013 remake of "Carrie": "They're all gonna laugh at you." Cue pig's blood, telekinetic blowout, etc. Yikes. Bad scene, girl.

They all laughed at Carrie, but you'll be the one laughing now (sans telekinesis). In the spirit of Halloween and in honor of the remake's recent release, we went ahead and soaked the posters of famed movie Carries (Bradshaw, Jim, the works) in pig's blood. After all, why should Carrie White get to have all the fun? There's plenty of piggy for everyone — everyone named Carrie, at least.

Somehow, "The Great Gatsby" looks a little less glam when resident Daisy Buchanan Carey Mulligan gets the piggy prom treatment.

Blood and leather seem to go together like circuitry and Kung Fu (that's how it works in the universe of "The Matrix," right?) so it's no great shock that Carrie Anne Moss looks totally unsurprised to find herself slicked up.

This season's most daring shade for Louboutons? Oxblood Pig's blood, of course. Carrie Bradshaw struts the Abu Dhabi catwalk to demonstrate the trend, accessorizing fabulously with opera glasses.

"You're covered in blood."

"I know."

That's how the famous exchange between Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) and Han Solo (Harrison Ford) went, right? We'll take it.

Not even the most classic rom-com can escape a thorough, iron-rich drenching: Princess Buttercup, love of Wesley (Cary Elwes), may have the crown, but she doesn't have the clean hair to match. Bow to the Queen of Filth, the Queen of Pig's Blood!

How did you think it would end when you brought all those penguins into your house, Mr. Popper? Which is less enviable: Jim Carrey's grim finale at the hands (beaks) of his pets, or Carrie's?

Mariah Carey's "Glitter" was a critical bloodbath, so it's only fitting that its poster should get the same treatment.

Non-Carries, you think you can escape unscathed? Not so fast. Change one letter, and even Hogwarts' finest can get doused too.