Britney Spears’ ‘It’s Britney Witch’: The Seven Most GIF-able Moments!

MTV News breaks down some of the most memorable moments from Spears' skit with U.K. radio host Nick Grimshaw.

Need something to get you into the Halloween spirit? Well, Britney Spears just might do the trick… or treat. Over the weekend, the singer appeared in a kitschy, purposefully lo-fi Halloween-themed skit, titled “It’s Britney Witch,” with BBC1 Radio host Nick Grimshaw playing her sidekick.

During the skit, Britney tries on a spooky, English-sounding accent as she weaves together a tale about the creepy stuff that happens on Halloween as Michael Jackson’s legendary “Thriller” plays in the background. Her monologue, of course, is also lifted from Jackson’s iconic video, during which horror king, Vincent Price, delivered those horror-ific lines.

While all of it is pretty memorable — and Spears is actually pretty funny during it — MTV News rounded up the most giffable moments in the video.

Britney Looking Fierce
Her hair is as fierce as she is, especially when she’s poking fun at her signature “It’s Britney, bitch” catchphrase. Oh, it is, indeed, Britney, witch!

Britney Making Us Laugh
Don’t believe us? See her axe dancing:

And her getting covered by a sheet:

Britney Enjoying Pizza
But, seriously, who doesn’t?

Britney Making A Scary Face
Presented without comment.

Britney Working A Broom
Fans need to look no further than her floating with the broom and later riding it like a horse for proof of skills in this department.