Lady Gaga Fans Declare 'Venus' A 'Pure Orgasm'

Little Monsters call her latest ARTPOP track 'out of this world.'

Pack your bags, Lady Gaga is jetting to space on her latest ARTPOP track, "Venus." After teasing the song (and its creepy, scorpion-filled images) last week, the singer dropped the full track on Monday (October 28). And if fans are looking for some last-minute Halloween costume ideas, the song certainly offers some up.

"Aphrodite lady seashell bikini (Garden panty)," Gaga sings on the opening lines of the track. The kitschy dance track not only pays homage to Venus, whom she dressed up as at the VMAs earlier this year, but also has Gaga proclaiming her love for someone on the chorus.

"When you touch me I die/ Just a little inside/ I wonder if this could be love/ This could be love," she sings. "'Cause you're out of this world/ Galaxy, space and time/ I wonder if this could be love/ This could be love."

Gaga released the song the same day that Justin Bieber dropped his latest Music Mondays release, "Recovery," as well as One Direction officially releasing their new single, "Story of My Life," to iTunes. The Mother Monster had a message for the boy band. "Busy day in music for releases, but happy to be aside @onedirection on those charts!" she tweeted. "Show them what your made of men! HardWork! Love, #Venus"

Fans have already declared "Venus" "out of this world" and are embracing the Mother Monster's high art persona. "Venus sounds nothing like any of the material that was on born this way I can't breathe," @TheBoysandGaga tweeted.