Pusha T Gets 'Nosetalgia' For Halloween Horror Classics And Sexy Costumes

King Push tells MTV News he loved 'evil lil' bastard' Chucky but gives a thumbs-down on candy corn.

Pusha T's dark visuals for the menacing "Nosetalgia" leave no doubt that the Virginia rapper doesn't scare easily. So when we asked the G.O.O.D. Music rapper to cast himself in a horror movie, we weren't surprised he went for one of the most terrifying villains of all time.

"A Halloween movie that I would want to star in would have to be 'Child's Play,' " King Push told MTV News. "Chucky was the most evilest lil' bastard, but he had a sense of humor; it was funny. It was funny, but it was dark at the same time, like dark humor. But he was just really mean and, to me, that had a real impact on me ... as far as horror movies go."

As for Chucky's look, any fan of the rap technician who's heard him spit the "I Don't Like (Remix)" line, "That's rare, n---a/ Ric Flair, n---a/ The power's in my hair n---a," will know that Pusha has a thing for manes. And the murderous, pint-size toy has a red-headed mop top for the ages.

"Aw, man ... that means I would get to wear that Chucky wig," Pusha said excitedly. "Like, that hair? That Chucky hair is phenomenal."

Halloween is about more than just scary flicks and foul-mouthed dolls, though. There's haunted houses and people decked out in costumes, from sexy to scary.

Pusha was a fan of the former, telling us, "Sexy costumes on women are definitely a thumbs-up, they have to be." When asked if that was strictly an affirmative for the ladies or if it was cool for guys too, he shut us down quickly, "I don't even refer to men as sex — anything."

And while it's been years since the rapper born Terrence Thornton patrolled his Virginia Beach, Virginia, neighborhood in search of tricks or treats, he did recall his favorite bag-stuffer as a kid.

"Anywhere I could go in and get Jolly Ranchers. ... 'Cause some homes would have, like, candy corn and things that are sort of cheap, but if you get Jolly Ranchers, these people actually gave a damn about you as a child," he laughed. "That's how I look at it."