Kim Kardashian Gives Birth In 'Keeping Up' Finale: What We Learned

In the finale, MTV News learns new tidbits about the birth, including details about Kim's preeclampsia.

Kim Kardashian led the season finale of E!'s "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" by giving birth to her daughter North with fiancé Kanye West. But we all know how that story turned out, right?

Not exactly. During the dramatic episode, we learned new info including why she had to give birth five weeks ahead of schedule and 'Ye's whereabouts.

Kim Has Toxemia

"I need you guys to cancel your day," Kim called Khloe on the morning of June 15, dropping heavy news that she is suffering from preeclampsia and her failing liver is forcing the early delivery of baby North. Kim asks her sister to stay "calm," adding that "Kanye lands at 5 o'clock," revealing the rapper would be present for his daughter's birth.

Mommy And Daddy Are Excited

In the hospital bed, Kim is smiling and in good spirits as she awaits to give birth, despite the fact that her IV "really hurts." With her excited mom Kris Jenner and sisters Kourtney and Khloe by her side, Kim talks directly to camera, "I can't wait to meet you," she says in a sweet moment to North, adding that her dad is "going to freak" when he sees her. While Kris tears up, Kourtney admits she is looking forward to her kids Mason and Penelope having a cousin to play with.

Little Bundle Of Joy

So she really didn't let cameras in, and the actual birth was not seen. Instead, Khloe paid a visit to step-dad Bruce Jenner's Malibu home (he and wife Kris recently separated after 22 years of marriage) to fill him in on the details, revealing Kim was given an epidural.

Kim delivered Nori at 4.5 lbs. Kanye was enamored with his new bundle of joy, staring at her for "like 10 minutes" when she was born.


Before the official arrival, Kim's only post-birth communication was via phone where she called a frantic Kris (who was rushing to get her house ready for Kimye and baby) to tell her she would be a day late because Nori had a "little jaundice." Kim sounded surprisingly serene and confident the baby would be OK, although she would have to remain in an incubator overnight.

The next time we heard from Kim was when she called the whole family to say she and 'Ye were considering removing "West" from the baby's name and calling her only "North." The Kardashian clan was vehemently against it, but were resolved to whatever decision Kimye would make. Obviously, the couple sided with the fam on that one.

"Keeping Up" With Only The Kardashians

"Mom, we're home," Kim said when she, Kanye and Nori pulled into Kris Jenner's Calabasas home, but the only visual we saw was of a fresh-faced Kim settled in bed talking to sister Khloe. Kim's heart-to-heart revealed that "labor was the easiest thing ever," encouraging Khloe to get pregnant. The new mom felt a "deep connection" to her new "bff" and candidly revealed that "nothing else matters" now that she has her daughter. But she also gave a taste of what's to come and it doesn't include much of Kanye or North. "I signed on to do this but that doesn't mean Kanye and my child signed on to do this," the reality star said, addressing her new family's involvement in the "Keeping Up" franchise.

She confessed Kanye wasn't comfortable selling their baby's pictures but did leave the world with one of the two baby photos she shared of North via Instagram.

But the episode wasn't only about Kim. We learned Bruce is starting to branch out and have a life outside of Kris and the Kardashian family, making a new best friend in comedian Jeff Dunham; and Khloe's new interest in delving deeper into understanding the realities of addiction and poverty.

A preview of the new season gave a taste of Kim's struggles coming out to the world post-baby and Khloe's growing troubles with hubby Lamar Odom, ending with a cryptic bite saying, "Now he's MIA."