'Walking Dead' Burning Questions: Is Everybody About To Die?

A murderer has been revealed, and it only raises more questions! MTV News dives into the latest 'Walking Dead' mysteries.

Warning: spoilers from the latest "Walking Dead" episode are ahead!

Wow. Did not see that one coming.

I predicted that Bob Stookey, the newest of the prison's newcomers, was the man behind Karen and David's deaths. I was wrong. The culprit was none other than Carol Peletier, one of the original season-one "Walking Dead" cast members — someone who couldn't even stand up to her abusive husband way back in season one, let alone murder two innocents in cold-blood.

It's a massive reveal that raises some serious questions about the series going forward. No time to waste. Let's dive right in.

So, Whoa. Carol? Really?

Rick knows there's nothing Carol wouldn't do to protect the group. But killing Karen and David, presumably as a means of cutting off the infection before it spreads even further, and presumably without consulting the council? That was probably a bridge too far. Carol's actions won't go without consequence, whether that comes in the form of exile or execution, self-imposed or otherwise. If the clock wasn't already ticking down on Melissa McBride's character, it certainly is now.

What Will Rick Do Now?

He's the only one who knows that Carol killed Karen and David, as far as we know. (More on that in a second.) What will he do with that knowledge? Will he tell the council, because they have a right to know? Will he keep it to himself, because he cares for Carol, perhaps even empathizes with her decision? He certainly doesn't want to see Tyreese hammer the woman to death, that's for damn sure. No matter what he decides, Rick has a tough call to make.

Does The Council Know?

What if Carol wasn't acting on impulse? What if she was sanctioned to kill Karen and David by the council? It's a bit of a stretch, considering the lengths Hershel and the rest have gone to isolate and medicate the infected prisoners. But play along for a minute: if someone like Daryl gave Carol the green-light to kill the two infected parties and attempt to curb the sickness ahead of time, that would cause some seriously seismic drama throughout the prison. I'm not betting on this one, but it's an interesting possibility to consider.

Where Was Tyreese Two Seasons Ago?

Because man, Chad Coleman absolutely killed it last night. I mean, he really killed it, and by "it," I mean "all of the walkers." For my money, Tyreese hammering hordes of zombies to permanent-death was one of the greatest from-the-comics moments of the series so far. I only wish the man had been introduced back in season two, so we could have had even more Tyreese in our lives. But let's be happy with what we have now, and hope like hell he makes it out of his current situation alive.

Is The Whole Cast About to Die?

It certainly feels that way, doesn't it? Glenn and Sasha are infected. Hershel's probably infected. Carol's a dead-woman walking. Daryl, Tyreese, Bob and Michonne are in the middle of a zombie war-zone that's sure to claim at least one of their lives. That's a whole lot series regulars in jeopardy right now. Kudos to the "Walking Dead" writers for putting so many characters at risk. For the first time in a long while, I'm actually worried that some of these fan-favorites aren't going to survive next week.

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