Happy Birthday Frank Ocean: We Blew Out The Candles With 4 Wishes For You

Channel Orange singer turns 26 today (October 28), but MTV News decided to do the wishing — for the fans!

It's been a while since we've heard from Frank Ocean. The singer, who turns 26 today (October 28), has been awfully quiet lately, but we hope that's because he's been camping out in Tahiti for some peace and quiet while recording his second studio album. Wherever he is, we thought we'd switch things up a bit by blowing out the candles with our own wishes — for the fans.

Come Back To Twitter Or At Least Join Instagram

While we understand how overwhelming and sometimes negative the world of social media can be, your tweets are definitely missed. With Twitter rants and overexposure all the rage these days, we'd rather look forward to enlightening 140 character messages like "life rule #99: never google one's self." There were brutal revelations: "they lied to us yo, the world isn't spinning. this is bullsh--," or Truths By Frank Ocean, like "time, in fact, does not fly when you're having fun ... it jogs." If that's asking too much, there's always Instagram.

Frank Ocean X Andre 3000, Part Deux

Landing a feature from the elusive Andre 3000 is rarer than finding a rapper without a Jesus Piece these days, yet somehow you managed to do that very early in your career. His verse on the "Pink Matter (Remix)" left us wanting more.

And while Three Stacks continues to deny that he's finally working on a solo album, we're choosing to believe otherwise. We're also praying that he'll enlist your help for the project. Heck, while you're at it, maybe you can also talk him into making that OutKast reunion album finally happen.

A Release Date For Your Channel Orange Follow-Up

Back in April you revealed that the Beatles, Beach Boys and Stevie Wonder were providing inspiration for your sophomore album. A few months later, Pharrell explained that he'd actually gotten in the studio with you to record a track for the follow-up to Channel Orange. So, we're just hoping to get a release date soon, maybe by the end of 2013?

"When [Frank] did his first album, he knew who he was, but the world didn't know who he was," Pharrell told MTV News. "So now he gets to make an album with people knowing who he is. I went in with him when he first started [on the album], and I'm assuming that his aspirations are the same ... to supersede what people know of him, in a good way."

A Collaboration With Beyoncé

Jay Z has had the pleasure of working with you on Magna Carta Holy Grail, as well as on Watch the Throne, but now it's time for Queen Bey to have her turn. Granted, it's not your fault she's a perfectionist and still wants to put in extra work on her next album, but we hope all of those rumors about you being featured on the project are true. You did great work helping her to write "I Miss You," but now we're looking for Frank Ocean singing on a Beyoncé track. Thanks.

Oh, and Happy Birthday!