Kim's Having A Baby On 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians': Six Things We're Hoping To See

Sunday's episode of 'KUWTK' could give fans a peek at Kim's elaborate in-labor getaway, Kanye sightings and more.

The moment that "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" viewers have been waiting for all season is finally here: the birth of North West! On Sunday (October 27), more than four months after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed baby Nori on June 15, fans will finally get a firsthand look at the moments leading up to her birth when the latest episode airs tonight on E!.

How much will viewers actually see? The newly engaged couple have made several public appearances since the baby's arrival, including one at Paris Fashion Week, but for the most part, they've decided to keep their firstborn under wraps, sharing only two photos of their bundle of joy so far.

With so many questions surrounding the episode, MTV News has rounded up six things we hope to see on the show on Sunday night.

Kim's Getaway Car

Getting one of the most photographed women in the world to the hospital to deliver her baby undetected is not an easy task to undertake. But with hundreds of paparazzi swarming Kim's house in the weeks leading up to the birth, she was forced to devise a plan. On her show "Kris," momager Kris Jenner revealed that their strategy not only involved a getaway car but a lot of blankets.

"We head to the car — blankets, blankets, blankets, purse, purse, purse — we drive out, we got to the hospital, called the security, everybody lined up, into the secret garage," Kris said. "Down the secret alley, there's the wheelchair waiting, up the private elevator, down through the kitchen, ended up in a room, and then we had a baby."

Kanye's Arrival

Since Kim delivered Nori five weeks ahead of schedule, Kanye wasn't in town the moment Kim went into labor, but like any dedicated father-to-be, Kanye jumped on a plane to be with his now-fiancée. In the teaser leading up to Sunday's episode, Kim says that Kanye was landing at 5 p.m., which gave him more than enough time to make it to the hospital for the birth, which reportedly took place at 5:34 a.m. on Father's Day (June 15).

"After I lost my mother, there were times I felt I would put my life at risk," Kanye said on Kris Jenner's talk show. "I felt like sometimes I didn't have something to live for. Now I have two really special people to live for, a whole family to live for, a whole world to live for."

Baby Nori's Big Arrival

Even though Kim pictured pregnancy as easy, it unfortunately was anything but. In a teaser for Sunday's episode, Kim discovers she has toxemia (a severe condition that is characterized by high blood pressure and swelling in the hands, feet and face), and for the safety of both baby and mother, she has to deliver five weeks early.

"I always envisioned I would have this easy time being pregnant, only my belly would get big. It has just been so not that way for me," Kim said during the October 13 episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." "But sometimes you have to take life how it is and enjoy the ride."

While we hope that Kim, like her sister Kourtney, allows cameras in the delivery room, we are sure fans will understand, due to the complicated circumstances, if she decides to stick to what she told MTV News earlier this year and "keeps that private."

Kim's Post-Baby Glow

Kim may not have booked her hospital room or packed her bag a month before giving birth, but on the last episode of "KUWTK," we did learn that she made sure to have her glam squad on hold because upon meeting her daughter, Kim wanted North to think she's beautiful. Yet, it wasn't just hair and makeup: Kim needed a spray tan, a wax and to change her black nail polish to a pale pink.

"I can't have black nails when I deliver, it's a little too gothica for me," Kim said to sister Khloe, who then questioned whether or not Nori would ever know. "She will! She'll have photos that she will probably be Instragramming in 20 years."

Yet, after spending some relaxing time with sister-in-law Leah, Kim decided to forgo the glam for a more natural look during birth, but that doesn't mean she didn't change her mind, and we want to find out!

North Making Her Reality TV Debut

Kim and Kanye have only shown the world two photos of their daughter, the latest being Kim's Instagram post of the "little angel," but come Sunday there may be a chance that viewers get their first video footage of Nori. However, set your DVRs because if you expect to see more of baby Kimye in season nine, you may want to think again since she told MTV News that she wanted to "keep that private too."

Bringing Baby Home

With the baby arriving weeks ahead of schedule, there were still some important things left to be done, including the nursery. In a teaser for Sunday's episode, Kris is in a panic trying to put the finishing touches on the all-white nursery, which is in her house since Kim and Kanye moved in while their home was being renovated. At the last minute, the changing table and bed for the baby nurse arrive, but they're not in the proper places. Luckily Kourtney comes in to repair the "despicable" room, hopefully in time for Kim and Kanye to arrive back home with baby North in tow.

Something tells us that the nursery will not only be finished, it will be beautiful!