'Walking Dead' Predictions: It's Hammer Time

From Tyreese's fury to Karen's murderer, here are five of our predictions for Sunday night's 'Walking Dead' episode, 'Isolation.'

"The Walking Dead" fired things up at the end of last week's episode — quite literally, in fact. In the concluding moments of "Infected," Tyreese (Chad Coleman) discovered the charred remains of his girlfriend, Karen (Melissa Ponzio), who only hours earlier was diagnosed with a mysterious new illness that's lurking around the prison.

Given that cliff-hanger, I'm not going too far out on a limb with my first bold prediction for tonight's episode, called "Isolation": Tyreese is going to be totally cool with what happened to Karen. Except the opposite of that. The complete and absolute opposite of that. When we spoke with Coleman about how Karen's death affects Tyreese going forward, the actor described it as "the straw that breaks the camel's back." In other words, get ready for a very violent, very angry Tyreese tonight. It is officially hammer time.

The question is, who gets the hammer? More specifically, who was it that killed Karen? I expect that we will get that answer before "Isolation" ends, and that the answer is a fairly obvious one: Bob Stookey killed Karen. There's something wrong with the prison-group newcomer, starting with the shifty way he eyed all that alcohol in the season premiere. Maybe it's just his past dealings with Baltimore crime organizations getting in the way, but I still can't shake the feeling that there's something wrong with Bob.

But let's take a break from assigning blame. Let's talk about who's going to get infected next. I hate to say it, but I'm standing by my prediction that Daryl Dixon is getting the flu. Yes, Norman Reedus is one of the marquee names on the "Walking Dead" cast. He's a huge draw. Everybody loves Daryl. That's exactly why the writers need to put his life in jeopardy: to keep the viewers on their toes, to give them an undisputed fan-favorite to worry about.

If not Daryl, then one of the other main characters has to fall ill this week. Perhaps one of Rick's children, even. I don't see the show writing Carl out of the picture just yet, but Judith? That's absolutely a possibility. Would it be unnecessarily brutal to put a baby's life at risk? Absolutely — but it wouldn't be the first time "The Walking Dead" has done away with a child.

One last prediction before the episode airs: As much as I want to see him resurface already, we won't see the Governor tonight. It's just too early. The writers want to keep that danger lurking in the background, popping up when we least expect it — perhaps as soon as when the pandemic reaches its resolution. David Morrissey remains a series regular this season, so expect his one-eyed psychopath to reemerge before too much longer — but not as soon as tonight.

What predictions do you have for the next "Walking Dead" episode? Let us know in the comments section below!