Katy Perry Roars In a Cheerleader Outfit For Lucky Colorado High School

Perry got into the school spirit for a special 29th birthday concert on Friday (October 25) at Lakewood High School in Colorado.

How did Katy Perry celebrate her 29th birthday

on Friday morning (October 25)? Not by popping bottles and wilding out with friends in Las Vegas (that might come later), but by slipping into a cheerleader outfit and performing a five-song mini-set for some high school students in Colorado.

The special appearance at Lakewood High School in Lakewood, Colorado, was seen by 2,700 students and staff and aired live on "Good Morning America." The lucky high schoolers earned the honor over four other finalists after winning a contest for the best lip dub of "Roar." Oh, and, not for nothing, but the school's mascot is a Tiger, so that worked out pretty well.

"I'm 29 and I feel great," Perry told GMA's Sam Champion. "I still feel like I'm 13 sometimes. Obviously you can tell by my music and my spirit ... I just loved all the participation and the unification ... of all you guys coming together and roaring in one shot! That was so cool!"

Their winning, elaborate one-shot contest-winning video began with a student escorting the school's mascot into the gym and then through a gauntlet of the field hockey team, the pep squad, cross country and basketball teams, as well as the debate society, ultimate Frisbee club, volleyball crew and just about every other extracurricular at the school.

Wearing a spangly Tigers cheer outfit, Perry punched, flexed, jump roped and shuffled through "Roar," telling the students, and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, "Let me tell you how much I appreciate your love and support."

Perry ran through "Walking On Air," also from her just-released Prism album, telling the students, "I feel right at home." With her band dressed in Tigers football uniforms, the singer rounded out the special show with "Firework," "California Gurls" and "Teenage Dream." The students sang a round of "Happy Birthday" and presented Perry with a varsity letter jacket and an impressive three-tier cake covered in flowers and topped by a fearsome tiger.

"It was so exciting, and to be honest, I cried twice because I was happy that everyone was so happy," Lakewood High School sophomore Jessica Jennett told the Denver Post about the one-hour show, which ended at 7 a.m.

Perry was equally psyched, writing, "Thanks for a GREAT morning LAKEWOOD HIGH! Keep #ROARING!"