Happy Birthday, Katy Perry! We’re Brewing One ‘Witchy’ Party

MTV News imagines what Katy's 'The Craft'-themed birthday bash might look like.

It’s a big week for Katy Perry — big with a capital “B”! Not only did she just drop her new album, Prism , on Tuesday, but the California gurl also turns the big 2-9 on Friday (October 25).

Earlier this week the birthday girl, who coincidentally has a song called “Birthday” on her new album, said her Juicy J collaboration, “Dark Horse,” is “like someone falling in love with a witch,” and was influenced by the 1996 flick “The Craft.”

So to honor her final year in her twenties, MTV News is throwing her a birthday party inspired by the movie, which starred ’90′s it girls Robin Tunney, Neve Campbell, Rachel True and Fairuza Balk. Note: We are very much available for any and all “Craft”-related party planning needs.

Her Coven
What would a guest list for this intimate, supernatural get-together look like? Well, A-listers like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna would make appearances at the tiny bash. It’s way easier to cast spells in a small group.

But, we advise boys, especially boyfriend John Mayer, to stay away. Things don’t end well for the fellas in the “The Craft.” Just ask Skeet Ulrich.

The Party Games
Love spells, glamours and the classic sleepover game “light as a feather, stiff as a board” are just some of the fun ways Katy and her pals can pass the night away at their witchy get-together. Nothing says “party” like levitation.

The Soundtrack
Moody music would set the tone at the pre-Halloween party. Perry might add Portishead to the playlist which would also include cuts from ’90′s bands like Letters to Cleo, Elastica, Sponge and Spacehog, all of which appear on the flick’s soundtrack.

The Dress Code
The dress code starts with all black everything and from there it only gets gothier. Chokers, dark lipstick, school girl skirts, army boots, baby t-shirts and knee socks are all must-haves.

The Party Favors
How should Katy thank her pals for spending her birthday with her? Sage, spell books and a gift certificate to their local Hot Topic could all help keep their “Craft” look going past the party.