MTV's 'Wait 'Til Next Year': Don't Wait 'Til Next Week, Watch It Now!

Check out MTV's newest series from the palm of your hand.

On Friday (October 25), "Friday night lights" will refer to the glow issuing from your iPhone screen, as MTV is pre-releasing the entire 12-episode season of its new show "Wait 'Til Next Year" via the MTV app.

The new, football-themed docu-drama premieres on Friday, November 1 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, but fans-to-be can check out the entire show today via iPhone, iPad and Xbox — provided they subscribe to a TV service; the app will ask for credentials upon login. This marks the first time a network has pre-released an entire season via an app.

"Wait 'Til Next Year" will likely appeal to football and reality fans alike, as it follows lovable losers the Lincoln Park Railsplitters — a high school football team that has lost 43 games in a row during their five-year losing streak — over the course of a season. (That's the longest losing streak in Michigan history — not that we're counting.) The show will feature not only the players and their foibles, but also cheerleaders and the parents and fans of the team as the Railsplitters strive to finally win.

In a trailer for season one, the Lincoln Park cheerleaders are chastised from opposing teams -- one yells a clever "Lincoln Park sucks" -- a football player struggles to lose "at least 45 pounds," couples ride the on-again off-again rollercoaster and one Railsplitter fights back tears as he tells his mother, "you can't get high again."

This isn't the first time MTV or its sister channels have featured exclusive content via their apps — recently, fans were able to unlock extra footage from the Miley Cyrus documentary, "Miley: The Movement," within the app. VH1 also recently debuted its TLC biopic, "CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story," via the VH1 app one week before its premiere.