Lady Gaga Slows Down For Sincere 'Gypsy' Premiere

Mother Monster gets behind the piano for the first-ever performance of ARTPOP track in Berlin.

At an intimate ARTPOP listening party at the Berghain Club in Berlin Thursday (October 24), Lady Gaga gave fans the first look at her new ballad, "Gypsy," off of her upcoming record — and boy did the waterworks flow.

On Wednesday, Gaga had promised that she would be releasing new material in a very interesting fashion leading up to ARTPOP's November 11 release: "I'll be debuting a new song in every territory I travel to over the next 3 weeks! An exclusive for each country! Any guesses for Berlin?"

The first song to drop, it turned out, was "Gypsy." Over the course of a rousing Q&A with fans, Mother Monster made frequent reference — while speaking in a German accent and sporting a mustache — to being a nomad of sorts. When one fan asked why Gaga sings in different languages, she answered: "Because I'm a gypsy. It's so funny because I actually I have not yet bought a home. I haven't bought a home because I am never in one place for very long."

Before busting out with her new song, she spoke once more about her wandering soul: "So I wrote this song when I was traveling around the world and it was about this exact thing you said to me when you said, 'They say that a gypsy doesn't have a home, but I do have a home — I have a home with you always,' " she said, referring to a previous question from another fan.

Seated alone at a piano, sporting a black bra and short white blond hair, Gaga threw herself into something much slower and more stripped down than anything we're heard off of ARTPOP thus far. Reminiscent of Irish ballad "The Gypsy Rover," the song depicts the love story between two wanderers.

"Sometimes the story has no end/ Sometimes I think that we could just be friends," she sings with a growing kind of power, "'Cause I'm a wandering man, he said to me/ And what about our future plans?/ Does this thing we have even make sense?/ When I've got the whole world in front of me?/ So I said, I don't wanna be alone forever/ But I can be tonight/ I don't wanna be alone forever/ But I love a gypsy life/ I don't wanna be alone forever/ Maybe we could see the world together/ I don't wanna be alone forever/ But I can be tonight."

She also compared herself to Dorothy "on the yellow brick" ("hope my ruby shoes get us there quick"), which finally clears up Mother Monster's mystifying, "Wizard Of Oz"-themed "Good Morning America" performance in September.

Throughout the performance, fans looked on with tears in their eyes, watching as Gaga unfurled the simple love story with nothing but her voice and piano. Many of the songs we have heard thus far off of ARTPOP have been much showy affairs — from the theatrical "Applause" to the growling "Swine" to the out-there "Aura." "Gyspy" is a kind of soft release from the grandeur of the rest of a record she has called "an answer to every question about my music up until this point."

We wonder what other facets of herself she will reveal in the coming weeks as she travels to other lands.