Before 'Fifty Shades': We've Got Your Jamie Dornan Must-See List

The new Christian Grey has a storied on-screen history as a lord, a huntsman and a serial killer.

With "Sons of Anarchy" star Charlie Hunnam saying "laters, baby" to the big-screen adaptation of "Fifty Shades of Grey", producers have been scrambling to fill the role of S&M enthusiast Christian Grey, opposite Dakota Johnson's Anastasia Steele. And, as of late Wednesday night, it looks like the Red Room of Pain has a new occupant in Irish actor Jamie Dornan.

The 31-year-old is probably less well-known to audiences than his predecessor, but that doesn't mean his resume is bare. To wit, here's a list of required viewing to get to know your new Christian Grey.

"Marie Antoinette"

Director Sofia Coppola was perhaps the first in the industry to recognize Dornan's potential, casting him in his feature film debut "Marie Antoinette." The former model got an education in the art of on-screen seduction playing the Queen of France's (Kirsten Dunst) rumored lover Axel von Fersen. Though, just to be clear, there's no speculation regarding their sexual status in this film (if you know what we mean!).

"Once Upon a Time"

Dornan's breakout role came in 2011 courtesy of the ABC fairytale drama "Once Upon a Time." In it, the 31-year-old played the dual roles of Sheriff Graham Humbert and The Huntsman, who is dispatched by the evil queen to kill Snow White.

"It's so layered and clever beyond belief," Dornan told MTV News at the time. "It's meticulous in how it's thought up. Every single thing that happens, there's a reason for it, and it corresponds to something that happened in fairytale land. And it's pretty complex stuff, but it's fun."

You can see Dornan in the series' first season, viewable on Netflix.

"The Fall"

Sure, Dornan's got the face — and pectorals — to portray Christian, but what about the billionaire's dark side, owing to a childhood filled with abuse and neglect? Well, look no further than the actor's performance in "The Fall." Dornan plays serial killer Paul Spector (who may or may not like to sniff ladies' underpants) opposite Gillian Anderson's Detective Stella Gibson, who's brought in to hunt him. You can watch the first season of "The Fall" on Netflix.

"Fifty Shades of Grey" is slated for an August 1, 2014 release.