Happy Birthday, Drake! We're Partying With Some Of His Best Pick-Up Lyrics

On his 27th birthday, MTV News lets October's Very Own do the talking.

Ever since Drake made his big splash in 2009 with So Far Gone, October's Very Own has given us amazing albums, classic hits and countless one-liners to apply to our own love life.

On Thursday (October 24), Drizzy will celebrate his 27th birthday and we honestly couldn't think good enough for the man who blesses us with so much. So since Drake told us on his first LP to Thank Me Later, MTV News figured we take the time to salute Drake for all the clutch pick-up (and break-up) lines he's bestowed upon us through the years. L'chaim!

When You Forget That Special Occasion

I forgot to call you on your birthday

You swear I'm the last thing on your mind — "Sooner Than Later"

For the Morning After

Sweat pants, hair tied, chilling with no make-up on

That's when you're the prettiest I hope that you don't take it wrong — "Best I Ever Had"

When You Just Want to Make Her Laugh

Yeah, baby you finer than your fine cousin

And your cousin fine, but she don't have my heart beating double time — "Shut it Down"

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When Your Girl Has a Past

What's a life with no fun?

Please don't be so ashamed — "Take Care"

When You're The Other Man

I'm just sayin' you can do better

Tell me if you've heard that lately — "Marvins Room"

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When You Lock Eyes Across The Room

I got my eyes on you, you're everything that I see

I want your hot love and emotion endlessly — "Hold On, We're Going Home"

When You're Not Getting Any Younger

Who the f--- wants to be 70 and alone?

You don't even know what you want from love anymore — "From Time"

When You've Sold Millions of Records and Left Her Behind

Would've came back for you

I just needed time, to do what I had to do — "Aston Martin Music"

When You Need To Break Up With Someone for No Good Reason

But I need someone different

You know it, oh ho, you know it — "Doing It Wrong"

When Someone Breaks Up With You For No Good Reason

You never see it coming, you just get to see it go — "Fireworks"